The Red Dragon Battle, by J. W. Cassandra

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Arrival of Evil Dragons on Earth

In the very old days, which are lost to the obscurity of human memory, when even good dragons taught ignorant people after the Golden Age, evil dragons suddenly arrived on Earth.

They didn’t ask for people, they snatched them away, what they set on. And they took away their sheep, their good running horses, their tents, their wives, their children, their eligible daughters, everything that could be taken from them.

With their breaths they scorched the wildernesses inhabited by the Moonbeams’ Silver Warriors’ Folk and by other people, and with their roar they drove away the people from the inhabited lands.


Good dragons taught shamans, and through them the people, resistance, dragon fighting, dragon masks, and the tricks of celestial and earthly warfare, but to no avail. There had lived too few brave people on Earth at the time, practically the heroes of the Orient Aurora’s Rays’ Folk, the Moonbeams’ Silver Warriors and the Great Bear’s Warrior Folk and that of the Little Bear were the only ones who opposed the dragon power of evil.

Devastating Evil Deeds

And the wicked dragons demanded virgins, young men, carried them to the depths of their caves, to their underwater abode, into the air, and to any other man-could-not-walk land, they blissfully delighted in their suffering, they watched with pleasure their mortal agony.

Evil dragons made man and animal sick, destroyed plants, terrified everyone.
They clashed many times with the benevolent dragons who defended people against them, and now they were, now the wicked prevailed.

Preparing for a Challenge

The strongest of the good dragons decided one fine day, when he could no longer stand to watch the evil dragons kill, to summon the good dragons, and together they would clash with the evil dragons, so that peace might come after it to Earth, and people could live in peace.

The evil dragons were challenged for a duel, but before that, the Chief Shaman was handed a small neck-hanging sack in which they put a grist of dragon blood, claws, teeth, and scales containing the strength, knowledge, and ability of all of them.

Preparation of Shamans

They explained to the Main Shaman: whoever sprinkles a pinch of this into his wine or food and consumes it, will become like good dragons and will be able to defeat evil dragons. It was made his duty that if they clashed with the evil dragons, he would collect the teeth, scales, and claws of all good dragons, because in doing so he could ensure that the Shamans’ Folk s would overcome the evil dragons even if the benevolent dragons lost in the fight.

The Main Shaman had promised to do so, and had even taken it upon himself to collect the dragon bones. He summoned his shamans, fed or drank a pinch of dragon powder with each one mixed into something and explained what they needed to do.

The shamans were ready for the battle to begin. People were stowed in safety far away, only they remained hidden in the plants living on the ground, in rocks, in stones, ready to collect the remains of benevolent dragons if necessary.

The Day of the Battle Dawns

And the day of the battle dawned. Already the first glimmer of dawn began with a roar, an earthquake. The two dragon armies rushed at each other: the air roared from their flaps of wings, their sulphurous breaths boiled over river, lake, air; each of their blows threw rocks to the ground, their spilling blood stained the ground blackish red.

They clashed in the air: a shower of huge dragon tails, legs, and claws fell from the sky, the earth trembled with every blow; then they landed, and the fierce struggle continued on the ground. Their footsteps raised fissures, their calamities threw tide-races to the ground, they crumbled the mountains to dust in a single movement; their venom burned out every life it could get out of it.

For a long time the earth quaked, the seas were tossing in their beds, the Sun covered its face, the Moon and the stars mourned the indescribable destruction behind a cloud of blood-red smoke, ash and dust. Even in the far distance, people felt the scorching of the dragon breath,

heard their blood-curdling roars, and pulled in horror to the protection of rocks, mountains, forests from them. Man and animal were equally terrified during the mighty dragon battle: the tiger, the snake, which is considered the most ancient enemy, also fled from the dragons along with the people.

Star-quenching, Reddening Gloom

In the star-quenching, reddening gloom, no one knew what to do, only the shamans did their job: their hearts were steeled by the dragon dust that the Main Shaman had given them. All of them, although terrified, walked the battlefield: sometimes changing shape, sometimes as humans, they kept gathering the remains of good dragons with death-defying courage, and cut off their heads from the dead bodies of evil dragons recklessly, for in this way no more dragons could emerge from their teeth.

Fierce Fight through a Lunar Month

The fierce struggle took a whole lunar month. The prime of the good dragons were destroyed, but enough of their remains were collected by the shaman army. The rocks were grinding into red and black dust during this lunar month, the earth opened up and absorbed most of the evil dragons, but the good dragons still did not win: in the end, their leader was also destroyed, only a single descendant of it survived.

Memory of the Red Dragon Battle

This dragon descendant hid in a cave that was very far from the abode of humans, and it had not been before the eyes of evil dragons either. He only interacted with the Main Shaman, who helped him guard his dragon tooth vegetable sown, and when it hatched, one of them took over the knowledge, strength, and abilities of the benevolent dragon – the rest perished in further dragon battles. But this great battle was the decisive one in which the good dragons were lost. The Dragons’ Folk have been referring to this battle ever since as the Red Dragon Battle and annually celebrates its memorial in its place. They then scatter dragon dust on the ground, air, water, and fire, then bow to the four corners and stow away the remaining dragon dust. When they have scattered a little of it towards the four corners, they also scatter a little of it on themselves, in order to make them as strong, courageous, and superhumanly capable as good dragons and shamans.

Red Dragon Battlefield

This celebration is always held annually at the site of the battle of evil and good dragons, which has been called the Red Dragon Battlefield ever since. This place is avoided, they stay here only during the ceremony, because it is believed that dragons can hatch from the ground even today or rush at them from the air, because only at the time of remembering the battle they are protected by the dragon dust amulet.

And shamans diligently manufactured dragon amulets, which soon made their impact felt: people learned how to avoid the evil dragons that continued to lurk and strike at them, and learned to defeat them from shamans and the Dragons.’ Folk.

They Scattered in the Four Corners

When even the flying lizard body of the last evil dragon was destroyed, the Dragons’ Folk once more met the last of the benevolent dragons, who advised them to scatter in the four corners and teach other people of the world to fight the evil dragons, for he felt that strong evil dragons would hatch, who would continue to torment people, as long as they can.

Thus, the Orient Aurora’s Ray’s Folk remained in the east, in the vicinity of the Moonbeams’ Silver Warriors, the Little Bear’s Warrior Folk took their knowledge to the very edge of the East to spread it, and the Great Bear’s Warrior Folk went to the west to teach the people there all that they knew.

The Four Rivers’ Dragon and the Four Rivers’ Star

And the last good dragon withdrew from everyone’s eyes, and moved to the four northern rivers of the Dragon-land, which was vast long ago, and to their sourceland, for he knew that he who was surrounded by four rivers on Earth, with the power and light of the Moon, the Sun, and the stars above his head, and the power of goodness spouted in himself, was invincible. He and his successor later became the one who was called the Four Rivers’ Dragon, who lived a very long, peaceful life, ensuring the tranquility of everyone in his territory.

When the Four Rivers’ Dragon perished at the end of his now peaceful life, he was placed in the sky on the Four Rivers’ Star, which is the supreme star of the Moonbeams’ Silver Warrior Folk, and which reminds the bear-hunting Great Bear’s Warrior Folk and that of the Big Bear since the beginning of time, so it is still called in their language to this very day…


Written: 07 / 03. 2004., by J. W. Cassandra
Translated: 09 /08. 2022., by J. W. Cassandra

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