Valiant Dreams

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Valiant Dream | A Si-fi story by J W Cassandra at
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Valiant Dreams,
by J. W. Cassandra

„Welcome, Boxer! Since we have met before, it is the correct thing to return our warm welcome somehow!”

„Welcome, Spacer…”

„Well, I invite you again to the spaceship. But, as you see, I myself was in a hurry to welcome you and, now I’ll show you such a part of the spaceship that you couldn’t have seen so far… Come, follow me!”

The Control Room

And, the boxer felt as if the spacer had attracted him by a magnetic force, as if he were thrown out, he was floating toward the spaceship visible nowhere, following the spacer. He became Pilgrim of Infinity in vain since they last met, he was surprised yet, sometimes.

Other spacers making the crew of the spaceship, one might say, received him friendly, they kept out like a magic, of their way. The captain of the spaceship – since he hurried to meet the boxer – guided him into a perfectly hidden, round hall. As the row of the hermetically closed doors first opened up then, closed up behind them again, ideas came in turn in the boxer’s mind: lab, experiment, prison, observation room, classroom… But, the spacer calmed down this ring in his mind and entering the round hall, he gave through mentally the boxer the following:

„Look around thoroughly! This is here the control room. We never show it boxers since, their rudimentary wit is covered by shadow of fear, greed for power, mortal passion, greediness and malice. I could enumerate on but, I’m entirely aware of that you know it yourself.”

„Thank you for your confidence, oh, Spacer! Nevertheless, when you had been here last time, I saw the control room, yet…”

„That wasn’t this control room! This is the hidden control room, it is even more secret than top secret classification of your governments. During our last meeting we subjected you to scrutiny, do you remember?”


They Found The Perfect ‘Boxer’

„Well, this extended beyond the physical inspection to your wit, emotive features, morality, sense of responsibility, etc. In fact, we completely measured what you are like. We presented the result of the investigation to our planetary council, as we’ve been looking for such a human for a long time, as you call yourself, Boxer. The council considered you appropriate for initiating you into this important secret. Therefore, at first I’ll tell you namely, I’ll fill through your mind all that you have to know then, I’ll show and explain you everything. Please, take a seat!” and as the spacer was thinking of it, something flashed and two chairs appeared in the control room by his thought power. The boxer sat in front of the spacer and, he was astonished casually that, he sees nothing of the actual control room…

Then, a light dream-like cloud covered his mind, engulfed it and, he gave himself up to this tide. A passing touch returned him to the reality where, the spacer was sitting in front of him and, he heard him in his mind:

„We have to wait now, Boxer, that the information I’ve provided you, could come to light. For this, you’ll sleep so it’s easier and faster. You’re quite safe from any harm, I assure you!”

„I’m sure, oh, Spacer…”, and the boxer fell into a deep dream.

When he was entirely awaken, the pieces of information given through by the spacer just emerged in his mind in turn:

The Knowledge

„At present, the human beings because of becoming uninhabitable of the planet – what is more, in an increasingly accelerating rhythm – are threatened by extreme peril, extinction. On this planet, for millions of years a cyclic evolution of civilisations has been existed nevertheless, the actual measure of air pollution, poisoning of the soil and water intoxication, global ravage owed to the human, in a short time will step over the invariant of the inhabitability/uninhabitableness of the planet. This, of course, will imply the ultimate perdition of life as such. Earlier, there had been a possibility for renewal of life since, the atmosphere endured…

As you know, spacers are originally all humans, the same as you. Of course, from that, what like is a customary earthling nowadays, they pretty vary along with me. Among others, they diverge from us in the balkiness of the mule, in the greed of power and others that I’ve mentioned you before you aslept.

But, the essence that distinguishes us from you is the intelligent wit that, we developed and, that requires an advanced social sense from all of us equally. Besides this it requires of course, equally altruism, behavior following the rules based on consideration, peaceful attitude and, acceptance, help of life in its all forms. The mental field of force emanated by the planet named Earth we receive even from the distance of light years, since, we developed our minds to this direction, as well. That mental field consists of enough chaotic waves. We managed nevertheless, to filter out the proper ones for our purposes and the entities behind them. You’re one of them and, fortunately, in the middle of the chaos there are lots of similar ones. But, besides, you’re appropriate for mastering and transmitting the manner of abandoning the planet. The evacuation. And those principles as well, like the practise of the possibility of transforming a given planet and its intelligent beings toward the direction that on the one hand, they could protect the planet. On the other hand, that the planet-spaceship as such, could be created and maintained. I know this will make you be immensely astonished when it will emerge to the surface of your mind…

Well, let’s begin with that, let you build such spaceships like ours! Their visible part thereby is basically little, to be able to cross over dimensions, despite of being exposed to aviation in physical space, to spacetime-warp, all sorts of influences, objects, astronomical events of travelling through a given solar system. They’re of light construction, antimatter-propulsioned, they can conquer gravity of space object of any kind, if it’s necessary, they can conquer even the acceleration and speed of the manoeuvre of space objects of any kind, as well. Their manoeuvres aren’t influenced by spacetime – neither by any solar systems – their computer of some kind is connected to the mother planet double-secured, like the Internet on the Earth but, this multidirectional connection works through the hyperspace. In addition, at the same time, all spacers are able to connect to it with their minds, without a device… Therefore, if the control units would fail which is unlikely, even though the probability is greater than zero – well, in this case our minds will replace them… We’re tuned in the control centre of the mother planet, at spacers this is essential. Therefore, if we don’t fall prey to agressive hordes, murdering of their fear, our return is secured. The manner of creating this spaceship, that of the connection of the mind, and all this knowledge we’ll transmit to the group remaining faithful to this knowledge even in the chaos the same, as you. We’ll use the mind-accelerator for this that, encodes and decodes everything even at the DNA level. So this ability and knowledge will be your offsprings’ own from birth and then will be genetically inherited. It happened so at us, as well.

The Science of Inner Control Room

The second phase is the camuflage of the spaceship: visibly it is tiny, fragile, vulnerable. In fact, it possesses virtual rooms, light and ray weapons that serve only for defence, other guns that we’ll familiarize with you and the chosen team. It has yet a laboratory, rooms for necessities, equipments that manifest physically only when they’re needed. So, the mass and size are considerably reducible, down between zero and one, that enables the crossing over the dimensions, the manoeuvres and others.

The inner control room of the spaceship – this, where we’re now residing – partly is able to bring back us to the mother planet at any time, from any space in a minute. Partly, it is able to deliver us to the virtual spacetime, where even the forms of life are virtual, as well. Well, this I’ll unfold you when you will wake up, namely if it’s necessary. The other important station is the space-cities: these are real cities transformed into space-cities that, are adjusted for complete recycling ecologically by their inhabitants. Later then, they transform them into a sort of flying cities that in the beginnings fly in the real space, in real spacetime. They are surrounded in a spheric form with a nano-shield to avoid harmful radiation of space and that of space-objects so, in a given solar system they are able to get to anywhere together with all the beings that live on them. That is, they aren’t connected to any planet since, they are able to maintain the ecosystem and, they are able to ensure its vital conditions. However, in the phase one, these space-cities are able to fly only in the original solar system and, to get to given objects. In the phase two, the technology, transforming into virtual reality, that is reqiured to the dimension-crossing is built in the such cities. This technology is able to transform an entire city into virtual and vice versa: to make it a reality in the physical. Beyond technology, this means a special mental row of operation that the dwellers of the space-cities must master, by this, I mean the intelligent being, the human. And they have to use it together. Its rules, manner we’ll give you through. As soon as this row of operations, namely the virtualizing  ̶  transforming into physical reality operation works, the flying cities will be able to cross the dimensions since, they then will not be connected tightly to the mother-solar-system. They become by this qualified for existing in the non-physical quasi-space and quasi-time, for changing arbitrarily the periods of manifestation and non-manifestation. All these don’t cause any harm to the ecosystem and to beings living on them.

The Flying Cities

The next phase is a such step that after your awakening probably first will be shocking, wondrous but, later you’ll realize that, it’s possible. This is the planet-spaceship. The planet-spaceship means that, the planet, ensuring the living space with its all conditions, must be transformed to be able to fly both physically and ecologically, involving the conditions that maintain the latter, just like an airplane or spaceship. Moreover, the planet-spaceship must be able to be diverted from its place namely, its orbit in the given solar system. What is more, the planet-spaceship must be made possible to be able to leave its original solar system completely and, to go on toward others. This is its physical side. Its other side is the connection: its aim is the mental connection of the intelligent beings. Namely, mankind of a given planet will be transformed along certain principles, rules – the pests fall out of the sieve. However, it is not up to some rich individuals or that of thinking themselves to possess power to decide but, up to us since, we from the one hand, already had gone through this process. On the other hand, we are definitely more advanced than you are, at this phase. We make certain the transformation of humanity namely, in a direction that is noticeable on us. We make reach it to such a degree of mental development that means “respect of life”, to cite Albert Schweitzer’s main theorem who was one of your polymaths of the XXth century of your present civilization. On the other hand, this degree means the evolution of individuals fit for the outlined earlier peaceful, mental co-operation. Of course, physically healthy, strong and adaptable individuals are needed, as extreme cold, warm, famine, etc. Besides these, the most important thing is the mental competence. We see to all of it and will do so in the future, as well. The change which allows us to do so in accordance with the divine laws, does warrant it.

Altogether, the planet-spaceship is able to leave its original solar system behind – later all kind of solar systems. In addition, it is able to step over to the virtual world but, if it’s a need, it can return to the phisical world again, as well. Our mother planet is the same.

Well, I outlined the progress of evolution, in the following I’ll answer your questions – since you’ll have them – and, we’ll teach you in accordance with specific timing. Wake up!”

Waking Up

It happened so that, the boxer woke up then, all these got to the surface of his mind. The spacer enjoyed his immense astonishment as the boxer discerned it by the spacer’s certain oscillations.


„I’d put some questions, indeed… hm… Who are you all, oh, Spacer? Why…?”

„As I revealed, originally we’re humans the same as you, Boxer. But, we fairly modified ourselves. What does this »why« refer to?”

„Why do you intervene in the life of the planet? Why do you help?”

„Since, we had been once to the edge of the desolation and, the humans had been transformed before us, helped us the same way. This is one of the signs of the change of the mentality: what you are given, give back namely, the good… Be good for those who are reduced to it since, once you’d been reduced to others, as well and, you were helped by your forefathers… Then, once you all will be the spacers who, help a future mankind and so it forms an infinite chain…”

„Where are you from?”

„From the Earth. But, that Earth – this, where we’re now – was vastly different from the present planet. During its approximately 4.5 billion years of existence, this planet has repeatedly gone through its periods and forms, inhabited and uninhabited, even uninhabitable by intelligent life forms. And it is likely to continue for quite long time. On the whole, there are still three billion years left.”

„Yes, since the Sun will cool down…”

„Or it will explode… You must definitely step! That’s why we’ve come, to help.”

„How did you design the spaceship with virtual space? How did the flying city develop? The planet-spaceship?”

„Physically? We had to consider at all them the same elements: life cycles of the human being and the ecosystem, the life cycle that allows to the previous one to be active. If you build a spaceship that travels in the given solar system; if you create a space-city or planet-spaceship, even in this cases, you have to ensure on these flying objects the same rhythm, the so-called circadian rhythm having been used to it on the mother planet yet, in the present case, on the Earth. Otherwise, the fragile knowledge will be the first that suffers injuries, and this, of course mustn’t be permitted in the interest of assuring of aviation and progress. The circadian rhythm regulates the biorhythm, in case of every being as well, that is essential for the race preservation if, we talk about a planet-spaceship. Till, these flying objects travel in the space considered ’real’, these circumstances are necessary, unconditionally.

„And, if they will be able for leaving the given solar system, for crossing dimensions? Then, what does happen with the living organism?”

„Then, of course, it brakes away from the previous spacetime; the circadian rhythm changes – unless, it maintained artificially. The spacetime warp, the angles, the orbits of the planets may be somewhat different from the original and, this small but non-zero value can bring about huge changes. Let us say, space wind can let to fly you to an undiserable direction which, beside more factors, evolves from aberration of planetary orbits or, the solar system in question may last for a different life cycle. Thus, luminance and brightness emitting from its central sun may differ from that of the essentially accustomed and, these require adaptation, as well. Or, the role of the central sun may be divided between two or even three, orbiting suns. And may be their periods, their distance compared to each other, their planes of orbit, projected to each other with their angles all together form a radically different system – albeit, this is a physical system, as well – than what we experience in the case of an only central sun. One also need to be able to evade this, namely considering the planet-spaceship or flying city as a whole!

There may be such opportunity – and this must be learned to avoid – when it is a black or white hole where, the dimension-crossing leads to. Considering the event horizon, an infinite orbital period would start but, if we surpass it in thought, the object would fall into the black or white hole. That case means physically the annihilation, doesn’t it?…

The Dark Matter

Then there may exist such a case that, the object steps through from the visible universe to the dark matter. With unpredictable consequences. Since, in the case of a black or white hole, the probability of physical annihilation is 99.9 % but, the dark matter isn’t known really yet, even by us… There have been attempts on our part to map it, but I wouldn’t be able to show physical regularities that work the same way there. Maybe, it is the reflection of this world that is enclosed in the dark matter. Thus, opposite directions reversed spacetime. Nevertheless, then there where does the evolution go? Here, the light emanates from the sun, doesn’t it? But where does it come from there? Does it travel back from somewhere to a given sun that is just taking shape? Or even, doesn’t it exist? Perhaps, is there only a glimmering that isn’t sufficient to maintain the physical life? We don’t know. However, one day we’ll find the answer, I’m sure!

„And what if this dark matter is that which controls everything? Didn’t you think of this?”

„What do you mean by this? The current Universe, which includes even the Milky Way? Or is your horizon wider that?”

„Originally, I thought of the current Universe…”

„And what do you know of the dark matter in the actual Universe?”

„The dark matter itself, if I know well, forms 23 % of it, the dark energy forms 72 %, till the visible matter forms 4.6 %, meaning the entire Universe as a whole. The remaining 0.4 % is the terra incognita of the whole Universe…

„Well, you know that proportion well but, there are parallel dimensions, as well, and, we haven’t mentioned the rest, yet. However, I like this terra incognita…”

„Thank you, Spacer! If we ignore the proportions to answer the question then, I thought that the appearing forms of the visible universes, together with all their rules and systems, are “emitted”, enabled by this dark matter or energy. With their entire lifetime extending to billions of years, all in all. And then it’s not a mirror world.”

„Possible. Then it is not a mirror world, but a matrix. What we’ve talked about earlier.”

„Yes, but it’s a virtual matrix, that is, it belongs to the virtual existence, I remember.”

„That’s what I expected from you, Boxer! Well, on the other hand, this assumption is unlikely to stand fast. On the one hand, there would be no virtual form of life, not to mention other species; on the other hand, we have already begun to map the dark matter with the dark energy and, the mirror theory is more likely than the matrix.”

„How do you map it?”

„We go around the dark matter mentally. One man in himself cannot do so but, the aggregate power of our Matrix breaks it through figuratively, by «scanning», that is, its mental power »possesses« it. Nevertheless, we come up with fairly inflexible resistance. Well, we’ve never revealed anything about this to any boxer…”

„I see. But, how can get there a spacer like you?”

„We don’t get there but, the whole power of the Matrix breaks through it from the distance. This can be solved with the same efficiency as when the object or being under survey is in the immediate vicinity. In this sense, no spacetime and no dimension do mean an obstacle. Nevertheless, only in the manner mentioned, since this is done so by the divine will.”

The Virtual Existance

„And what is the difference between the virtual existence and, that of the physical? You told you do keep changing them… Is this spiritual existence?”

„Virtual existence neither is physical, nor spiritual but, it can be found somewhere between the two life forms. That is, it has a physical basis that is manifested in physical existence and which is able at the same time, to become independent of that. Namely, it is neither noticeable physically, nor is perceivable by organs of sense. However, it exists. Unfortunately, it is even not spiritual since, the spiritual form of existence is so pure that, it is far above that of virtual. Our virtual existence can be approached from the mental side, with its all features. Since we had become mentally united people but, basically, we’re humans, we must also reckon with remnants of this character. In many cases, the attainment of a peaceful, life-supporting mentality is successful, as in our case. However, there are spacers who couldn’t cope with it entirely well and, they are more or less, driven by greed for power and desire of assassination. These spacers betoken wars, devastation for beings of a given planet. We provide the transformation toward a peaceful mentality. If we consider these hostile, preachwar spacers, we can’t say that our mental and, at the same time, virtual-real life forms would be spiritual, unfortunately. This is why one of the sages of your present civilization, Kung-ce or Confucius told that „knowledge of germs is divine wisdom”. Of course, this saying may be interpreted from more respects but, in our case, it casts light upon the fact that our original mental transformation hasn’t been succeeded entirely perfectly and that, we aren’t perfect, either. Merely, we have worked out perhaps a somewhat better or more perfect manner to maintain our existence.”

„When we previously have met each other, you talked about such beings as e. g. the Orion-being who is basically, cold…”

„This isn’t entirely associated with our topic. They represent a civilization of a different kinds. I don’t want to mention this right now as it would lead us entirely different direction than what you have to know.”

„Are there other similar creatures like that?”

„Oh yes! As many such beings there are, they’re representatives of as many civilizations with other characteristics. Well, we have to return to our topic, unfortunately!”

Operation Implementation

„I see. And what about molding to virtual? How can such an operation be implemented?”

„It consists of several phases. The first step is the mental transformation and connection according to the adequate set of rules. The second is the incorporation of this, the third is the transformation of it to be inheritable, the fourth is the transformation of the physical character. I would explain it to you in vain because, previously, you have to go through a mental transformation. But, all I can tell you is that it means creating a kind of mental center that is directed back and forth. By so doing, physicality temporarily is transformed by executing certain operations, it „ceases to exist” – that is, it seems so – and, it becomes a part of a matrix existing in two dimensions. Anything. At the same time, it also retains all its characteristic qualities and, in a given case, it becomes visual, perceptible by physical senses.”

„And, doesn’t it cause pain? Doesn’t it mean death for the physical body if a living being is concerned?”

„No, I make you sure, it isn’t accompanied by any pain, in addition, this isn’t death. This is transformation. If a creature is like us namely, his mentality is organically joined in a concord like, e. g. the planetary consciousness or that of universal then, in case of his death, he neither appears physically anymore, nor exists virtually. The Matrix preserves only the essence of his creature and existence. Because, the key of evolution is hidden in all such creatures, in the mental characteristics of all such creatures since, besides that it is connected with the Matrix and the planet and, with its creatures, it even preserves his own, unique essence. And this is what the Matrix preserves after the death of the creature. Otherwise, you can learn more about the related aspects of planetary and universal consciousness from Asimov’s novels. But, I would also like to introduce you to the relations of the Matrix because they don’t appear even in them.”

„I know his novels, Spacer. But, now I would like to know, what happens till the being only steps across the physical life form, from the virtual and backward?”

„Its essence is its part, living on the Matrix namely from this part, energy pervades the being. He himself emits energy, as well. If he is physical, it shifts the „points”, let’s say so, on the Matrix, to the physical characteristics; if it’s virtual then the other way round. But the energy of the basic essence flows. If a such being dies, on the Matrix this spring of energy expires. Then, only his essence remains. This is the divine law.”

„Exceedingly strange!”

„Oh yes, once it had been the same for us, as well! And now take a look around: this is where the hidden control center.”

„I remember it since, it took place by your guidance, as well that, I’ve been connected to the Matrix when we last met each other. How could that take place?”

„Well, yeah, that was the «taste of it» and it could take place because by my guidance, we made your mind appropriate for this connecting. Nevertheless, that served only for gaining experience.”

„But, I have altered because of it…”

„Yes, this is its side effect. However, the preparations for the continuous mental existing or for the mental connecting anyway, involve the phases outlined before and, if somebody gets into contact with it in such way as you did that, may generate random changes that, even we can’t calculate in advance. Therefore, we remain at the original plan, that is safe. Well, cast a glance at the hidden control center since you haven’t seen it yet! I hope, you’re aware of the privilege that you can see it!”

The Transformation Begins

The boxer nodded and looked around. In the round room, a kind of counter-like structure ran around. Everywhere terminal points awaited the spacers at regular intervals, projectors stood above the counter.The terminal point was the redesigned »keyboard«. They haven’t needed all these indeed, after all, they installed the control room in this way since they preserved the originally designed version. Moreover, the boxer noticed some thinner or thicker handles on the counter cabinet. The thickest and largest was black, the others all were different colors. Above them, there were figures: triangles, circles, squares, rectangles, rhombuses… Compared to the color of the handle, the figure above it shined in its complementary color: if the handle was blue, the plane figure was orange; if it was red, the plane figure was green, and this has quite excited the boxer’s curiosity. Then he looked downwards: he saw a radial figure on the ground starting from the central point of a circle formed by a single dark purple, iridescent point of light and unfolded into a sixty-petalled flower, all in different colors and tints. The apex of the petals was encircled by a reflection of a symbol called soyombo, and next to them, the complementary color of the given petal and one of the complementary tints of the color scale originated, they intertwined at equal distance from the apex, and they ran so toward the console like the sunbeams. As he was standing amazed at them, he noticed that at regular intervals, some vibration was running through the entire figure from the center, becoming iridescent in purple, and then, the colors were changing. He couldn’t immediately see, by what rule the colors changed but, he did see that the center was beaming on in purple iridescent color. He felt an irresistible attraction to go there, to step on every petal, one after another and, especially, on this beautiful purple center. But the spacer’s mental prohibition had its power: he stayed where he was and watched this miracle in amazement.

„I understand and share your amazement, Boxer! When we first saw a figure, similar to this one – because, they aren’t entirely the same – we felt the same way, as well. Its beauty and masterful character praise the previous spacers’ knowledge. But, let’s see what is it good for!

Comparing to the ordinary control center, here is this design that doesn’t occur there. Everything else is similar. The console running around with the monitors, the colorful guiding handles all are the relics of the pioneer era, we left them. Partly because, we have been used to them, partly because of the intelligent beings, living on different planets since they wouldn’t be able to interpret without physical expression how we are able to navigate. When we last met each other, I’ve told you previously, that the symbols are important in our navigation. Well, let’s combine mathematics and symbolism! It counts much, to which handle what plane figure belongs to, in addition, their color isn’t inessential, as well. Since e.g. we take the blue handle with the orange circle, which guides to the half-physical world. If we take the same with a red circle, that guides to the universe of the red dwarves. The blue handle with a red triangle casts to a given white hole, the green handle with a red triangle to that world that here is hall-marked by the pharaos. Moreover, the red handle with a green triangle sends over to a planet having a so-called star-consciousness.

Of course, these all are systems and planets of physical origin. However, if somebody steps to the center point, he must be mentally well-developed and, he must know the target. Because, if a profane person steps to it, then it’s one expected reaction is to cast through such dimension in a minute that neither we know inevitably and since, we don’t know the way leading there, probably neither we’ll be able to return. If somebody steps to the petals, they must be fully aware of the target, the co-ordinates, all the physical and other laws to get the spaceship to the right place. If a profane person steps to any of them, the situation is the same as if they would step to the center point.”

„And why do the colors change in the petals?”

„Because they are the signs of the co-ordinate-alterations.”

„And how frequently do they change?”

„On the average every six minutes.”

„What are the semicircles embracing the petals, each with a point in the middle, and what are they for?”

„That is the so-called soyombo, reflection of the symbol of the crescent Moon, the Sun and, the Vesper. The original is one the most important symbols of the shamans, which meant the dominion above the so-called afterlife, the intermediate world and, this world namely, all these belong under the rule of the shaman. At the same time, it symbolized the unity of these three worlds however, its reflection refers to the Hermetic teaching: „As it is above, so it is below; and as it is below, so it is above…” This enables the appropriate flow of energy and, it regulates where the spacecraft has to move to, from the three worlds, crossing different dimensions. Of course, the „below” is the physical world, the „above” is the spiritual world – to cross here is but rarely successful – and, the Vesper is the symbol of the mentally guided world, called the «intermediate world».”

„And what is valid when you want to enter the dark matter with the spaceship?”

„Then, it is true that is in the fairy tales: we hang on the nail consisted of dense darkness our swords and, we enter weaponless, supposing the welcome would be friendly… But, let’s return to our original topic! If the iridescent purple center emits pulsating light, it enables the return to the Matrix. We know when it used to occur, what is more, it adopts to our necessities: if we have to return for some reason so, that by this we alter from our original plan, then it starts to pulsate. Its term is short therefore, it requires fast reactions. If a being with an unfamiliar mentality step on it that is a kind of alarm bell: it emits from itself a pulsating light at once and, returns by itself to the Matrix. This is its reaction to the other kind. Of course, all these involve the being’s annihilation since they are not able for the transformation. We whom you call spacers are capable of doing it even if, we foreknow about it and if it is taken place surprisingly. That was the reason why I didn’t let you step onto it. We need you since, you’re suitable for being a leader, teacher, guider for other people, beyond mental transformation. Of course, you shouldn’t be led astray by the illusion: this isn’t power, it means not more than increased responsibility. Because, who is like that, they are responsible for other people led, taught, and guided by them, reaching the appropriate mental state. Well, if you have no questions…”

The Extract

„You said who dies, their extract, or what the Matrix preserves. And what about those of guilty?”

„Theirs it doesn’t preserve. Because, he who abuses the responsibility entrusted to him, as it could be taken place with you, that doesn’t deserve a new chance despite his other excellence.”

„What kind of chance?”

„The essence that is preserved from each individual being on the Matrix is revivable. Of course, not in its original physicality as it perishes. This essence anyway, is able to take on a new physical body and to continue its previously unfinished work for, of course, nobody finishes ever what is their task of life. On the other hand, the essence remaining on the Matrix ensures that the work could be continued. He who abuses responsibility and whose essence isn’t retained, can’t do so. This is a divine fundamental law. It’s not you, even not us who decides. The divine law lives and works this way. So, the preservation of the essence on the Matrix is a kind of »reward« if I may say so.”

„And do you know the first time…”

„No, I’ve lived through an entire row of such mission-oriented lives, I had been present a hundred million years before, as well, and, I’m here even now, as you see…”

„What do you wait for me?”

„Submit yourself for the mental transmission that we start here but, its end will come entirely elsewhere…”


One Year Later

In the same place, after an earthly year: the spacer and the former boxer returned. Now there is nothing to distinguish them from each other: their appearance is the so-called “little gray”, their communication is mental, their knowledge is much the same. Their mental vibrations on the human language are as here follows:

„Well, you have undergone a huge change by this fugitive earthly year…”

„Yes, thanks to you and the precise work of the others.”

„Are you ready?”


„Don’t forget then: get on with the changes gradually! You didn’t resist, for this reason, you can own up to yourself a prompt and complete, successful mental change. But if you encounter any resistance, you may drag into danger your own life, even!”

„This can’t thwart the mission.”

„Really not. Get started and introduce the mental world to this world gradually! If you need help just think of me, I’ll perceive it and, the help will arrive.”

„No need for hocus-pocus, I know. Well, I have to go. Bye!”

„Bye! The power of the mental world is with you!”

And the former boxer guided his steps toward his former house so that, he could begin his pioneer work in a familiar environment. His appearance gradually turned back into the boxer however, his mind remained that of the mentally developed spacer, whom he’d evolved during the past earthly year.

Who does know, where he is going, whom he is teaching, and how? This is the mystery of mysteries and it remains so. And the Pilgrim of the Infinity took his road…


The boxer suddenly woke up. „Valiant dreams visited me till I was sleeping!”, he told himself astonishingly.

Valiant Dream | A Si-fi story by J W Cassandra at
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Written: 05/03. 2020., by J. W. Cassandra

Translated: 28/04. 2020., by J. W. Cassandra

Valiant Dream | A Si-fi story by J W Cassandra at
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J. W. Cassandra

About the Author: J. W. Cassandra

I’m a teacher and a registered author either, at Artisjus as a writer and a poet in Hungary. I love forests, butterflies, flowers.

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