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I loved. I loved & I loved until it was all I felt. 

I fell. I fell & I fell until I crash landed.

We kissed. We kissed & we kissed until my lips were numb.

We laughed. We laughed & we laughed until my stomach ached.

I spoke. I spoke & I spoke until I was out of words.

I cried. I screamed & I shouted until my voice went coarse.

I watched as you walked until I could see you no more. 

I held. I held & I held until my hands were blistered.

I tried. I really tried.

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Kea Tamara

About the Author: Kea Tamara

22 Aspiring author Poetry & Stories Find more: INSTA: @keawriteshere for poetry WATTPAD: @tamarareadshere for upcoming stories Happy to share and follow 🙂

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