New Year- Kilee Simon

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5..the ball is about to drop

jovial chaos erupts

Your eyes shine towards the sky in disbelief 

You made it! You’re here!

The crowd erupts in euphoric cheer–as you look 

Left, right, up, down 

All these faces and not one with a frown

Hugging, posting, laughing, crying, smiling


But your mind is still

Trying to wrap your head around this sudden thrill

They say that the new year is a time of redemption

To pick up the shattered pieces of the past left behind

The unachieved goals, fallen relationships, bruised up ego’s 

Beliefs you had in false heroes

Who said that last year would be your year but here you are again


Wishing on a star that you may go far 

Because it’s new year new you

Or at least trying to find a new way to be you

And life goes on

Leaving the lesser version of yourself behind

Letting the new year be an excuse for not reaching the same resolutions from the year before

Like a frailty hand reaching for the clock

Hoping to rewind your mistakes before it stops


So that as the clock strikes 12:00 you can raise your head high

Taking the new year by the reins with a positive flair

The smell of prosperity and new beginnings lingering in the air 

Before the air becomes too thick and it’s hard to breathe

You take notice of just how loud that clock is

Almost as loud as the ringing in your head

New Year, New Me

New Year, New Me 

New Year, New Me


Seconds turn to milliseconds

And the idea of being the way you were before is almost unfathomable

To peer into a world where dreams are specks of light 

painting an endless gust of delusive night

Hoping..praying that the light overcomes darkness

Shedding your past self away as the clock begins to turn

Knowing that after tomorrow when all the celebrating and awareness of self dies down

The old you comes out of the shadows

rewinding the clock until yet again the countdown begins to sound


The ball drops and an echo is heard

You try to crane your ear to make out the sound 

But the pounding in your brain makes it too hard to grasp

Until you finally make it out 

Like the calm before the storm





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Kilee Simon

About the Author: Kilee Simon

Hello! I am a 15 year old girl who got introduced to the world of writing, and the rest is history :) Follow my Instagram @itskaii04

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