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Stumbled upon stability in my search for Truth.

At that moment, taunting whispers lost their hold;

Threatening waves together with all their noise crushed.

But in my attainment of inner peace,

I sensed death.

A still void buried deep within.

Almost didn’t notice it;

Not with all these sounds of over turning chapters resonating.


Confronting this growing stronghold lost me to a sea of questions,

Called out to my Father,

Told Him I’m drowning,

But His reply is this very thorn in my flesh.

My arsenal is proving futile;

I’m sinking.

But I never stopped reaching,

Hoping that Hand of Love would grab me.


My hope was shaken;

Instead of the Hands that held my colours,

The claws of Satan hover proudly;

That repelling force against my ascent.

Seems I’m back to the dunghill,

Or the past caught up with me;

I can hear those voices again.

No words from Father still,

My only comfort are His words of Old.


In faith I inclined to a corner,

Waiting for the day this shadows will fade

And I’d see the Sun again;

The Devil laughed,

Said I am only insane,

I looked at my obstacle, smiled.

“You’re only here because Father consented.” I replied.

These words left my tongue igniting Life in me,

I stood up.

Looking at the Lucifer in the eyes I matched towards him.

“It’s time to impress Father again.”

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