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I’m empty again,

Open the flood gates,

The same as yesterday.

Envelope this dry ground with your grace.

Release your endlessness,

Quench this burning unending thirstiness

And suffocate this longing by your embrace.

We both wouldn’t want me to die from this yen,

That’d be a shame,

Knowing your well so near,

But I’ve also lost the ability to move,

Make use of your aqueduct,

Or hoist me into your Oasis,

Cleanse and fill me up.

Don’t tempt me with Adam’s ale,

Don’t leave me wet with drops so few

Overwhelm me and leave no stone unturned,

Level the hills and fall the trees.

Season my tongue with that salty taste,

Make me shiver in anticipation seeing the glory of your waves raised so high,

Make the thunders clap in your wake;

Let the dark clouds announce your face.

Don’t let me guess right,

Overtake and consume me

Beyond my sphere of comprehendé.

Ahhh….you’re are finally here….

Your majestic tide is all I see,

The earth and sky have varnished from my mind,

Together with my will, worries and care.


Scorched dry and hard, I am ready for only your Water.

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