A painful poem reminiscing good ol’ times

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You had mE


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My dear

  Love you my dear.Want to be your nearBut to tell you my feelingsI am always in great fear I am always so confuseMy body becomes so lose.Don’t have courage to proposeThinking that you would…

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The poetry for me is a way to express the feelings when common word can’t inspiring in the Romanticism Movement

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Far the citylights Below the stars Admist the moonlight There we are… Near the seashore On the sand.. Your head on my lap And fingers entangled in my hand… Cool the atmosphere And splashing of waves.. The beating of our hearts With warmth in our breathes… The long walk on the coast Is the bliss of passing time… Like the water embraces the shore For years together we shall bind…

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I am lost In a city of longing, While she walks through The street of laurels. Bangles from the roadside shops Reflect her glory. I hear her gleaming laughter, And start to move towards the…

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Achromatic life

The only way to carry Love expressing feelings of her & the emotions of her inner soul towards him. Even the higgs field was jealous of spreading their kissing moans.

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wanted desire

Could u love me deeply, not be shamed of my ugliness?Kiss my scares, from bruises fed by flesh,Make me not forget them by grabbing my hands tight enough while it’s been nursed, together cherishing every…

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A Red, Red Rose by Robert Burns

A Red, Red Rose | A Poem by Robert Burns

In “the red, red rose”, Robert Burns is directly speaking to his love. He wants to convey how he will love her till eternity. The distance between them is just physical and temporary.

A Red, Red Rose by Robert Burns
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A SOUND CONCESSION Words do not always look right. Their noises rattle on the page. Perhaps it’s fate I listen as I write, For joy’s horn, happiness’ flute . . . Read More.

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DON’T GO BEYOND © Poem-cum-Song

This Poem cum song is an expression of mind thoughts who feels alone and lost every thing and feels sad about life. He expresses anguish and sorrow for not being able to justify present and beautiful life. This song could well be composed by music lovers (with permission from writer – its a Copyright Reserved Song). Please Like, share comment and give feedback on this song.

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Sonnet 76 Shakespeare analysis

Sonnet 76 – Why is My Verse So Barren of New Pride by William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare in this sonnet seems a bit concerned about the fact that his style of writing isn’t up-to-date with the new style of writing. Yet he seems to have accepted the fact that it can’t be changed, as it reflects him and his true feelings.
All he can write about is his love.

Sonnet 76 Shakespeare analysis
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You’re my Mercury you are very difficult to meet, but was worth it. Just like the Venus, who’s the brightest in the sky, you just light my darkest mind. And my Earth, who’s the center…

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Seas of Thought

By Sarah Platt @une.faye

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A Drinking Song W B Yeats

A Drinking Song |Poem by William Butler Yeats

A short poem filled with simplicity that states two truths that you all must know before you grow old and die. A poem by William Butler Yeats that compares wine with love.

A Drinking Song W B Yeats
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