I Am in Love With You!

When I was a child, I’d always gone to the sea. First, I’d discovered the sea light; then, I’d wondered and asked; ‘What’s this glorious magnificence? They said to me, ‘At night, the phosphorescence in the sea.’ ‘And in the day, it is sunshine.’ The sea was yellow and blue; it was because of the sun. One day, I’d looked at it, then, I could no more. Therefore, my eyes had gotten black and blacker, Then, they’d become with full of tears, It’s just because, I could never see it again, nevermore. Now, the sun light is far in impossible distance.

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A love story, the classic boy meets girl scenario.

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Love is in the air

I feel it in the airI feel it everywhereOur fingertips fighting in despair Not to touch or fit as a pair Like two magnets of opposite poles, that’s unfair It’s as if every single thing…

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Love Me Like Paris

Love me like ParisThe enchanting cityThe embodiment of loveBe as inspired by meAs you are by the LouvreBe as sweet to meAs Laduree’s delicate macaronsBe as in awe of meAs you are of the Eiffel…

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For You, Only You

Forget “I love you” It’s meaning lost Let me tell you What I will do  For you  Only you

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A painful poem reminiscing good ol’ times

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You had mE


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My dear

  Love you my dear.Want to be your nearBut to tell you my feelingsI am always in great fear I am always so confuseMy body becomes so lose.Don’t have courage to proposeThinking that you would…

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The poetry for me is a way to express the feelings when common word can’t inspiring in the Romanticism Movement

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Far the citylights Below the stars Admist the moonlight There we are… Near the seashore On the sand.. Your head on my lap And fingers entangled in my hand… Cool the atmosphere And splashing of waves.. The beating of our hearts With warmth in our breathes… The long walk on the coast Is the bliss of passing time… Like the water embraces the shore For years together we shall bind…

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I am lost In a city of longing, While she walks through The street of laurels. Bangles from the roadside shops Reflect her glory. I hear her gleaming laughter, And start to move towards the…

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Achromatic life

The only way to carry Love expressing feelings of her & the emotions of her inner soul towards him. Even the higgs field was jealous of spreading their kissing moans.

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wanted desire

Could u love me deeply, not be shamed of my ugliness?Kiss my scares, from bruises fed by flesh,Make me not forget them by grabbing my hands tight enough while it’s been nursed, together cherishing every…

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A Red, Red Rose by Robert Burns

A Red, Red Rose | A Poem by Robert Burns

In “the red, red rose”, Robert Burns is directly speaking to his love. He wants to convey how he will love her till eternity. The distance between them is just physical and temporary.

A Red, Red Rose by Robert Burns
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A SOUND CONCESSION Words do not always look right. Their noises rattle on the page. Perhaps it’s fate I listen as I write, For joy’s horn, happiness’ flute . . . Read More.

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