The Wizard’s Love Spell

Come forth from the veil, Swift as the winter gale. Let me be your alpha male To arouse and ______ you well.

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My dear bewildered birdie

Hello my dear bewildered birdie, My intimate friend. You can rest here, that’s alright.   Didn’t you know? Quite recently, I found myself overwhelmed With emotion, impression, with passion.   Didn’t you know? It could…

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best romance poem


Awelewa is a romantic poem that describes the feelings of the speaker for his beloved. A beautiful narrative that is relatable for every single soul in love.

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Summer Snow | A Wisdom Poem by Mystqx Skye at UpDivine

Summer Snow

The poem expresses the current state of mortals. They are like ‘summer snow’, full of enigma and questioning their existence. No idea, whether to burn or freeze.

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Black Hearts | A poem by Mystqx Skye at UpDivine

Black Hearts

Black heart is a romantic poem, that describes the intimacy between the speaker and his lover. It describes the pain and pleasure of their bonds.

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Into the darkness | A romance poem by Mystqx Skye at UpDivine

Into the Darkness

The speaker in this poem is helpless as she is infectiously consumed by the love and keeps drifting into the darkness of her lover’s soul.

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A Secret Crush

Ba-boom,Ba-boom,Ba-boom,Ba-boom the beating on my heart seems to race faster every time I think about you its very strange,yet its the truth I came to realize it when the capture of your words melts deep…

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Love Drunk | A Romance Poem by Katie Inkrott at UpDivine

Love Drunk

Through this poem on Romance, Katie Inkrott wants to express her delight because of love in her life. But she is also a little scared and wants to slow down the pace at which love is filling her heart.

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My Garden | A Poem by Katie Inkrott at UpDivine

My garden

This is a love poem, where the speaker is inviting her lover to get involved at the level of soul and not just outer physicality. Garden is a metaphor for her heart.

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Spring | A poem by Sarah Platt at UpDivine


Sping is a romantic poem by Sarah Platt. The writer wants to emphasize how it is spreading out and encapsulating the young couple in a romance, sensually.

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