Bed and Breakfast

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Who wants to buy my below short film story?
Please check the story below.

maiwandOL is mE. It’s all fantasy. It’s not real story of my life. If you want to change the name of the artist, no problem. During you try to make film, with my name maiwandOL, we can find a solution to show my art works or mE, in your film….Please respond


Bed and Breakfast

Bed and breakfast is a service from private people. They rent their Appartement or rooms for short time. It’s very cheap included breakfast.

A man had a fight with his wife. He wanted to chill out for one week. He had not enough money. He is a big lier and Casanova.

He searched in Internet by bed and breakfast an apartment for one week.

He found a very good option by an artist who wanted to rent his apartment with very big living hall for one week, because he was on exhibition trip with his wife. The name of the artist maiwandOL. The Casanova arrived on Friday and got the keys and short guide in house and kitchen. The artist left the city.

Casanova was very excited. He was checking everything and was looking very deeply in maiwandOLs arts works. touching everything. Found visit cards of maiwandOL with private phone number.

He took the keys and visit card. He went out to downtown. He looked around. He saw a nice lady sitting in the cafe bar, close to window.

Casanova came in and said hello to everyone. He ordered a drink. sitting in the bar. He looked at the lady very intensive. The lady didn’t care so much.

Casanova took his drink and went to the lady. He pretended to be the artist maiwandOL. He putted the visit card of maiwandOL very gently on her table and said,

hello my name is maiwandOL. I am an artist, I would like to make an art work with your body and face. She took the visit card and checked.

Casanova: Can I sit and talk to you?

Lady: Oh well, why not?

Casanova: You look wonderful and you suit to my next painting very good.

Lady: Sorry, I don’t like to be naked.

Casanova: Oh no, please don’t miss understand me. I just want to photograph your face and body dressed.

Lady: What will be my profit?

Casanova: Well, I make lot of money with my art works. When I sell it after done, I will share it equal with you.

Lady: OK, but when do you want and where do you live?

Casanova: It’s five minutes with taxi.

I forgot my wallet, I can only pay my drink. Do you have money for taxi, I give you back later.

Lady: Was looking skeptical and said, no problem, I will pay for taxi.

They arrived home.

The lady was totally out of herself, because when she saw the big salon with many nice painting.

She was looking in everything and was walking like dancing. She saw a poetry on the wall (If I fly in other sky, I will never say bye bye. I will say high people high…maiwandOL.)

She looked very excited to Casanova, and asked. You really write this kind of poems?

Casanova: Yes, I make different kinds of art. I do also films and videos.

Do you like a drink?

Lady: Water please

Casanova: Sure…When I look at you, I totally forget my art and everything. He went close to her and tried to kiss her.

She putted hand on his mouth and went back side.

Lady: But what about your Fotos of me?

Casanova: Oh yes, let’s take my camera.

Please sit on that chair.

Smile please. Can you put your legs more open?

Lady: okay no problem

He was making Fotos very romantic and he asked her to make different kinds of moving…

Casanova: Let’s make some Fotos in my bed?

She was not answering.

Casanova: Please come making Fotos in my bed.

They went in sleeping room.

She saw a big wonderful painting on the wall. She screamed and said, oh my god, did you really do this kind of art?

Casanova: Yes, I do

Lady: Are you married or do you have girlfriend?

Casanova: I am still looking for a woman like you.

She started to be romantic with him.

Lady: Sure, maybe we were looking for each other.

Casanova: Please lay down.

He touched her legs and kissed her.

Making also Fotos…

The night was over.

Breakfast ready.

Casanova got a call from his wife

Casanova: Went to toilet and talked with his wife

Wife: Our son is very sick. You must come soon.

Casanova: Oh my goodness. Can you bring it to doctor?

Wife: No, who take care of baby?

Casanova: OK, I will be there in the evening.

He came out of toilet and said, I am sorry, I got a very urgent call from gallery, I must go.

Lady: OK, but what about Fotos, painting and seeing each other again?

Casanova: You have my visit card, please call me after one week, I will be back.

She called after one week and asked, Hello maiwandOL, how are you, how was your trip?

maiwandOL: Who is talking?

Lady: It’s me, we had nice time last Friday night.

maiwandOL: Sorry, you dialed wrong number and he said bye bye.

She started to cry

End of the story

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