The Thing

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The name’s Benjamin Jacob Grimm,

An’ I’m from Yancy Street.

It’s on New York’s Lower East Side,

I’m its greatest athlete!


That’s how I made it outta there;

A football scholarship!

I ain’t no rocket scientist,

 An’ I don’t give a flip!


I leave that big brain stuff to Reed,

The smartest guy I know.

An’ I know Banner, Stark, an’ Doom,

Reed makes em all look slow!


But even he can make mistakes.

For proof, just look at me,

If you can stand to look upon

Such a monstrosity!


But I’m learnin’ to live with it.

It comes with a few perks.

I’m strong enough to stop a train,

An’ loads of super jerks!


The ever-lovin’ blue eyed Thing,

The idol of millions!

Reed made me a superhero!

I protect civilians!


I’ve taken down Annihilus,

An’ knocked out Doctor Doom!

I’ve beaten guys that some would call

The strongest in the room!


But I don’t let that get to me!

I’m just as tough as them!

I’ve dropped the Hulk a time or two!

An’ lost a few to him!


There’s nobody that I won’t fight!

No mountain I can’t climb!

An’ if somebody calls me out,

Then … it’s Clobberin’ Time!!

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