College life

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Let me take you down the road where memories would run at a faster face than our heartbeat. COLLEGE LIFE!! Honestly, ambling into this 4 years of journey took lot of guts. I can see lot of martinet here ofcourse referring to Professors. Bumped into totally stranger and clueless faces,can’t refrain from the fact that for these 4 years our bond have to remain intact to make bunk plans successful. One for all, All for one will hold here though some might contradict but who cares not everyone has good taste. Days were spent on lectures sometimes but we were monomaniacal about canteen place. Nights were insomniac and this would hold to many reasons- assignment completion, binge series watch, one night before dead end exam!! Everyone here seemed so convivial but deep down we were aware of the fact that there is hidden motive.

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