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This world and life which we muddle through
Throws up those announced as heroes
Who’s names engrave the rocks and halls
And speak of glories past
Yet accolades and power and art and fame
Are these enough to satisfy these hearts?
And what shall we, in our brief sojourn
Consider worthy of our thoughts and affections?
What gifts do giants us bequeath
That we should imitate their lives?
A Churchill, a Mozart, or Einstein’s mind
Should we adore accomplishments done, as the legacy of humankind?
For never on our day of expiry
Would we regret a lost career
Nor count the missing sterile possessions
That clutter homes and hearts
But rather we would yearn for more
More moments spent in sweet embrace
With ones so precious and alive
Closer to these hearts are heroes found
Whose lives to posterity seem obscure
Yet offer glimpse of wonders in our soul
And trace that by which defines our goal
And so I recall the days of past
And soft familiar faces true
For what shall we, alone at last
Define the greatest human truth?
From cherry cheeks of childhood woes
To frailty and silver hair
With feet often entrenched in mire
Where struggle cannot free us for another step
Then weary, dusty, thirsty feet did trample many miles back home
Where soft warm arms and fires carressed our cares
Melting away the misery for one moment
They lost loves, endured wars, suffered sadness
Yet carried many through thunder and fear
Shared a bathtub full of tears
And faced the turbulent world as one
Despite poverty and pain
They danced and smiled
On the pleasant playground of seashores
Where shell and stone astound
We were mums and dads
Just like the real heroes we shared our lives with
We were friends
And we have learned so much
And gazed at glorious sun and moon
And bounced and leapt and touched the sky
And seized a tiny piece of Heaven for our earth
For our short lives
Then drank summer’s wine and winter’s snowflakes
And tasted true life
For, because of them, we have found joy
Even among the bitterness
And ever shall we recall and rejoice
Because we were part of it all
Because we are
And above all other things
We have loved

Dedicated to the memory of my dear mum, a hero of mine.

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