She waits…

She waits… For them, but she waits for a year to pass just to get closer to another year She waits… To see the day just of being able to hear their voice She waits……

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Woman of my life

(23 Dec 2019)

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Strength of a mother's love | A poem by Mystqx Skye at UpDivine

Strength of a Mother’s Love

This poem describes the poetess’s love for her mother. The poem shows how much her mother sacrificed just so that she could see her children smile.

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Hues and Colours of Maternity - A poem by Vinita Nahata at UpDivine


This poem relates to all those beautiful ladies who wear ‘MOM’S HATS’, either by choice or by circumstances…. you are amazing and the people you mother appreciate you more than you can imagine. Although, sometimes it may seem hard and gloomy, but always remember to count your blessings and realize you are a blessing to most. You are doing your best!!🧡

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