The Chase

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In the Harmania Street, Agia, T.R.N.C, in a Chamber,

“Tom, the front door is yours; I will look at the back, okay?” The commissar commanded.

The rest of all the other police will wait outside of the old mansion. They are all civil by the way.

Tom walked rapidly and silently to hide behind the front door, while the commissar was on the way to the backyard.

Their pistols are loaded with bullets.

I think the action is beginning. Ha? What do you say guys? Something is thrilling here and let’s see what’s going on so far.

Tom opened the door very slightly to look inside very silently. He had an itchy trigger finger. However, when the damned door creaked very terribly, he hid back behind the door very rapidly again. It was creaking without any stoppage because of the shake of the unprecedented wind.

“Fucking! That’s all one needs!” He swore in murmurs. The creak ceased. Now, his left ear was trying to listen inside very meticulously, if there is someone inside; but, he would dare to breeze inside very soon.

Hence, he threw himself inside very rapidly. No one is here right now – in the hall. It was very dusty… On the other hand, the mansion seems to be abandoned forever. He was proceeding very bravely, despite the dust.

In the north east, there is a small door – leading to the corridor itself. As soon as the realization, he jumped in there to check his left and right. A small bulb was lighting inside very dimly.

On the hand, the commissar had jumped inside from the back door to the kitchen at first – then, they encountered each other in the corridor. The rest is still waiting for an incoming command from the commissar right now outside.

“The kitchen is clear,” The commissar whispered.

“And the hall too, sir,” Tom added.

He would wait while Tom was proceeding to visit the other rooms inside. The next door was leading to the bedroom itself. It is open. He approached inside very slowly. A deep silence before the storm – however, there is still no one there too.

“Sir, I think there is nobody in the mansion.”

“A false notice?”

“I think so, sir,” Tom replied without being sure enough.

“What if a dead person is lying somewhere else here?”

“Don’t know”

“But, we’ll check the rest, okay?”

“Yes, sir,” Tom said obediently.

Where are they?

After a while…


“Yes, sir?”

“Call for the support, quick!”

“Yes, sir!”

“Now, half of you will be stay with us, while the rest will jump to the upstairs,”

“Yes, sir!”

“Quick! Go! Go!”

As seemed, the quick scan process will not work; hence, the commissar had called the rest for the search. Yes, there is no one alive here apart from the police, but, what about a dead victim here? What if the killer hid the victim somewhere else? Who knows?

Almost everywhere has been searched very meticulously. No dead body was encountered yet. If you are wondering, is it false information by the public? Maybe…

But, something is going very wrong and bad over there indeed…

“Where am I?” the man groaned in pain giddily. He was due to vomit out for a sudden. Nausea had invaded his stomach who suffered from hunger for many days. He couldn’t feel his hands and feet, maybe because of a short temporary paralysis. As his eyes were opened, a blindly darkness made him inhale uneasily.

Nightmare he murmured to himself very silently in deep whispers. As he woke up the harsh screeches because of his pains could be heard further. The musty smell was disturbing his nose which was covered abundantly over there. While it was still dark, he heard some footsteps from somewhere. As guessed, they were from outside somewhere else indeed.

“Help!” he shouted with interrupted coughs many times. Is there anyone else? Where the hell am I? I can’t move! He continued to murmur in agony.

After a long while, he was not aware that his hands and feet were fastened with a rope, and his mouth was bandaged. At that time, he might die of a sudden stroke or a heart attack because of the panic.

“Who’s there?” he tried to shout aloud with fear, but, indeed, he couldn’t. A terrible stroke made him further paralyzed as soon as he recoiled with a sudden light in front of his eyes.

“Who’s there? Oh Damn!” he screeched very silently with fear and his tearful eyes. He was crying silently with both anger and fear. Somebody had kidnapped him somewhere. But who was he or she? Who knows?

Suddenly, footsteps were heard loudly that someone was approaching slowly to him now… While approaching, the dusty soil made him cough to vomit over there.

Whereas the cops might swear that everywhere is empty. I can’t mind. And, they are the best even. And I don’t even believe, if they made a mistake.

A horrible groaning was as if saying: pray that you are alive! But, it could not be understood at ease. The pronunciation was very difficult to apprehend indeed. He sensed that he might be killed without an unknown reason. However, thus, the guys did not seem to be eager to kill him at all.

“Pray!” someone commanded.

“I’m a secular atheist. I do not know how to pray!”

“That’s all one needs, my brothers, you see?”

“Yes” the rest replied.

“Who are you? And what do you want from me?”

“You have the answer.”

“No! No! Stop it! Stop! Damn! I don’t know anything. Please!” he screeched as he felt the knife on his throat near to injure him badly soon.

“Benjamin Haim”

“Aha! He died.”


“I swear he died.”



“You’re lying!”

“No! No! I’m not lying. He died of cancer, I swear. No!”

As seemed, the black smokes are appearing gradually; however, the cops are making me to engross.

Later on,

Allan Markovitch woke up abandoned in a chamber. After a short while, fire and smoke might kill him soon. Just, he closed his eyes waiting for his upcoming death. For a sudden, he felt that his hands and feet were released. So, he threw himself out before the flames ascended further.

An expected rain started outside suddenly. It would wet his injured body soon. Few minutes later, fire-fighters and an ambulance arrived over here and while the fire-fighters were extinguishing the fire, he was hospitalized.

By the way, who is Allan Markovitch? His name must not be unfamiliar. Or?

A week later…

Allan Markovitch got well luckily. But he is still in the hospital and still couldn’t forget all of the events that he experienced recently.

A group of doctors and some cops visited him in the room very calmly, politely and smiley. He told them everything to them one by one and asked for punishment for the bullies.

They say “we don’t know who they are and know exactly what happened.” Just, they say “Calm down, Mr. Markovitch!” As if nothing is serious very calmly. He reacted again.

“Sir, I fainted and couldn’t see who they were! For God’s sake, who are they?

And what did I want from me? You must know!” he asked in a panic.

“We don’t know too as we said, sir.” one of the cops replied with a more serious tone.

“What if it happens again?” he cried.

“Don’t worry!”

“How do you know?”

“Just calm down, sir,”

“I want a special bodyguard.”

“You have no luxury to have such a thing.”

“Aha! Why?”

“You have no such a privilege. You are not a special man.”

“Didn’t you initiate an inquiry?”


“Sir, pray that you’re alive right now.” a doctor said without any hesitation.

“We’re aware that everything just happened. But, unfortunately, something is going wrong. I mean that we couldn’t encounter anyone clearly who did such things to you yet. Did you understand?”


“Well, let me be clearer.”


“There is nobody in fact that did such things.”

“Ha? That’s bullshit!” he exclaimed harshly.

“Yes, there is nobody to do such things in fact.”

“But, how did all such things happen then?”

“We don’t know.”

“By the way, who is Benjamin Haim?” another cop interrupted the conversation and asked curiously.

In the commissary,

“Okay then, dear gentlemen. Shall we make another quest for the mansion?” The officer asked.

“Shall we, sir?” another officer asked ironically.

It would break his morale terribly. The attendants were aware of this, and wished to comfort him as soon as possible. The silence conquered the station.

“Look, sir. We’ve already searched the mansion very well. For me, we should stop it.”

“The man is right, guys.”


“Then someone should injure him. The scars cannot be by itself! Can’t you see?”

“He’s right, gentlemen. Allan Markovitch cannot lie.”

“Yes, somebody must injure him then.”

They were all baffled… The mansion has been already burnt by the fire. Even with no remnants. So? I don’t know why but the equipment was sullen. While they were in deep thoughts, one of the cope said:

“Fuck it!”

“He’s right, gentlemen”

“But, I think he’ll sue us.”

“He can’t.”

By the way, as one of the cops asked; who is Benjamin Haim? Why did bullies want him so? The case had been already mysterious without any clear suspense at all. In addition, Allan Markovitch was arrested two days ago because of Benjamin Haim himself. As seemed, whosoever he was, Benjamin Haim would be trouble for him.

As he was in jail, the police were searching to find out further information about him naturally. And, finally, it was found out that he has had a relationship with him directly – he is his partner… But, who is Benjamin Haim himself? And where is he? Moreover, did he really die of cancer? Or did Markovitch lie? These are big question marks right now.

Benjamin Haim… His name resembles to Hebrew… What about Allan Markovitch? His accent resembles to American… Are they both Jewish and American? Why not?

Two Days Later…

Allan Markovitch was absent in his cell. Ran away? Not easy! Someone else should help him then. But how? As a result, he is not in his cell right now.

The sullen policemen were not eager to be alarmed; therefore, as if they had known something and were hiding it secretly from the officer. But, their failure to hide the fact alarmed the officer.

“Don’t worry, sir, he is in good hands!”

“Aha! Really?” he asked ironically.

“Trust me!” he replied assuredly.

We all hate him!  Their subconscious voice could be read from their cynical eyes.

Yes, someone had helped him to go out, but not in a nice way indeed – he kidnapped him from there to take as a captive. That means the torture would carry on for him that he was screwed up. A painful death was waiting for him drastically. Nowhere to escape…

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