The Grey Door

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At the Unknown Zone,

Morgan was on the road to commute to his work. From now on, he was in the middle of the way and about fifteen minutes later, would be at his office. However, an unexpected traffic jam would make his job very hard soon; by the way, in order to turn back, he had to drive a few more miles toward the round abound. “A traffic accident?” “We don’t know, Mr. We’re waiting here for many hours.” “Aha!” “Yeah,” So, he felt obligated to walk to see ahead what happened. While he was walking, the rest of the drivers were like him as pedestrians; time by time, it was becoming more crowded than before. The police were unreachable for a while; however, later on, they said that they were unable to reach the scene. After a while, gradually, a disturbing intense fog invaded the venue and the visibility was very low right now. Nevertheless, the crowd was stepping ahead into the fog without turning back. Morgan too. After a short while, they disappeared. The curiosity turned into a panic for Morgan. He walked too far ahead and nothing was visible, only, he hoped, if it ended. Hence, it would be better to walk ahead further as he hoped so; maybe, it might have dispersed. “Ugh! Fuck!” Morgan moaned in pain when he fell down, by the time, had stumbled on something. “Ah! What next!” He screeched very loudly as he faced a horrible skull; nonetheless, stood up very quickly. Now, he found himself on a wooden panel which is very narrow. The bottom was full of human skeletons; so, I was walking briskly to get rid of it. “Where the hell am I?” he exclaimed harshly. By the way, the intense fog was still continuing mercilessly. His eyes, on the other hand, were watered and unable to see anything. “Ha?” he reacted when the visibility was available again. “Where’s here so?” he asked himself. Another world or dimension or somewhere else… At first, he faced a big grey concrete tunnel with a stair standing in the air. Something was going supernatural here seemingly. Time to go… The inside was dimly lit by something unknown material. A force was blocking him from turning back.   Something was very smelly ahead just like a corpse… Then, painful groaning could be heard as well; hence, Morgan ran against them very rapidly, and these were rising as he approached further. “Run away! Get rid of this as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’ll be just like us!” “Alas! Who’re you?” “Look at down” “Oh shit! What are you so?” “We’ve opened the Grey Door just like you. Be quick before you erode!” The speaking man had been eroded and melted as a smelly paining corpse just like the rest. That was a curse and they would be so forever. Without losing time, Morgan was running very far to get rid of it; however, he was eroding just like the rest. He stopped for a while desperately; therefore, it wouldn’t work at all. After a while, he minded to run back against the diverse route, so it worked; however, he should be very fast. Nonetheless, he could not turn back, so should turn to another way such left of right from somewhere else available. He did so and routed to left near to the entrance. Later on, he stopped somewhere for a break. “I can’t breathe! Carbon dioxide is abundant here!” he reacted in agony. In spite of being very exhausted, he would continue to run to get rid of her as soon as possible. “The exit!” he exclaimed as soon as he saw it; however, it wouldn’t be nice at all; because he would fall into the sea with a stony maze. Fortunately, he could swim, but, who knows if a shark attacks him right now? Something was getting worse; the sea level was elevating. “Oh! Fuck! Help!” he screamed in agony. He left his body to the sea, so that would help him to climb up one of the walls of the maze. The sea elevated 100 ft by the time he had been already on the wall and for now, there was no one except him. “Alas!” he screamed harshly when he fell down from the edge of the maze. If you wonder, was he alive? “A telephone?” he murmured to himself. There was a telephone box across, but he was in the bottom land; nevertheless, no time to lose. “Hello! I need help!” It wouldn’t work. No signal. For a sudden, a van voice was heard. “Hey! Hey!” “Who’re you, fellow?” “Morgan Anderson, sir. Please, help me!” “Jump,” “Thanks,” Morgan told him everything, but the old driver was very silent. Suddenly, he disappeared! The van was driving by self right now, then, Morgan jumped to the steering wheel. He would drive to somewhere that is unknown, just would follow the path. The path took him to an old cemetery. There were dozens of graves here. While he was beholding them, he suddenly saw his name on one of the gravestones! “Did I die?” he exclaimed in fear, “If so, I’m a living dead. A zombie!” continued to murmur to himself desperately. Later on, when he got out of the cemetery, he turned back to the inception point. The intense fog is still continuing; on the other hand, he had been content that he might turn back to his home. “Who’re you? And what is your business here?” “We’re just like you, Morgan. Zombies.” One of the victims said in the middle of the fog.

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I am Mustafa Kemal Menteşoğulları from Cyprus and dealing with miscellaneous literature such poetry, short story, essay, etc.

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