The Howling Dog

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Standing down between the human feet,
Howling with the pain and without any gain,
Who can understand her, o! She can’t speak any word,
Just she is howling with many reasons than us,
Thus who knows what she pains or urges?

A wooden perished kennel where she lies down,
Broken, ruined; and swimming in the muddy marsh,
Her closed eyes with her feet like a shamed,
She is the howling dog, just a crying, wooing and wooing.

What was her crime? What she’s done so?
O! Just a dog, an animal she’s, without any sin,
So she’s not a human; poor without any perfection.
She’s howling; and howling; crying; with many known reasons,
That we know, pretending not to know, indeed!

A living thing with her skinny body and her puppies;
Urging to eat, drink and a safe place with their rights,
But, thus she’s not bonny, o! Her bones are visible now!
Hunger and a bloody destiny make her linger to die!
O! Nobody was hearing her, neither her children,
She’s just howling; who will care? Who will hear?

Puppies are crying for milk; and sucking for vain;
The mother is melting day by day, who will see?
And day by day, her puppies are dying one by one;
The howling dog is howling the death song to linger to die,
Who will care? Who will hear? Who will see?
Answer: nobody! Nobody! That’s the malady of us!


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About the Author: Mustafa Menteşoğulları

I am Mustafa Kemal Menteşoğulları from Cyprus and dealing with miscellaneous literature such poetry, short story, essay, etc.

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  1. Your poem is awareness-raising. I love dogs, and as you depict in your poem the most miserable destiny for a dog, that is common, unfortunately. But, fortunately, there are humans who can help, always… 🙂 As I see our world, there is a deep need of awareness… Great poem. 🙂

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