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Okay. OK… I think this road goes to the Bank directly. Yes, exactly. Jut across… The Central Bank? Is it? Yes, but? But… but, anyway… I’m in front of the Central Bank right  now. Yeah. Anyway… He said to me that is HSBC. So? I came wrongly. Nonetheless, HSBC must be around here then. Why not? But, there is no other bank here. 

Does anyone speak English? No. Shit! Even fuck! It was very hot. 

I told you should follow me, Allen. But, you are not listening to me again, man. Where are you? I’m in front of the Central Bank right now. So, where the hell are you? Here. Where? Can’t you see me? No! Okay then. Walk toward to the end of the road, then turn left. Okay then. Wait there. 

I’m here waiting for you. Don’t stay in the hot so much. In Cyprus, the weather conditions are very terrible in summers – it is very hot and drought – a typical Mediterranean climate, but not like in France and Spain. 

This is a dead street and from where shall I turn left to see you? Nope. You came wrongly. Look. Don’t worry! We can fix it. Now, walk back toward the Central Bank again. 

Okay. All right then. So, where the hell are you know? I did what you said. Here. Where? You are always fucking saying here, here, and here! Calm down, otherwise, you may have a stroke. Why does the water taste salty? Therefore, the hydraulic lime is condensed in waters in here. That’s all one needs. Could you tell me where HSBC is now? Okay I’m telling. Please! Bother the fuck! There is no HSBC in T.R.N.C any more. Whoa! Why? Because, the Greek side banned it because of both political and economic embargoes and isolation. Furthermore, no any local service is internationally accepted as well. T.R.N.C is a de facto country depend on Republic of Turkey that is a fact. No, that is a fuck! 

So that, you must consult to the Embassy in Nicosia right now. Where is it? I don’t know even. That’s sounds very good! Hey, hey! Don’t laugh at  me. Okay calm down! Why shall I calm down! Look, here is a small area than the other side. So, we can surely find out where it is. 

Now, I needed to turn back to the the City Centre. And, I will be over there. Okay?

15 minutes later…

There was no any zebra cross anywhere; and, the road seemed to be a motorway. There were only cars parked to edges of the road consecutively and the intense traffic jam – nothing else… And, nobody was polite to ask at least for a help. And, nobody seemed to give me a way to pass across. When will the fucking traffic jam end? I stuck here like a shit! Damn! 

10 minutes later…

 Allen, I am here waiting for you. I am seeing you that you are standing in front of a supermarket right now looking around. Yes, I’m. But, I can’t see you. Don’t panic. Calm down, otherwise, you will confuse further that will not be good for you. Anxiety is not good, you know. 

I took a deep breath to calm down as my clinical psychologist has instructed me previously to reduce my anxiety disorder besides. 

About 5 minutes later…

 There was a small primitive wooden bench near here to have a brake at least after the exhaust. So, I was resting, he was talking me to tell everything again to avoid confusion any more by the way. 

About 15 minutes later…

I was on the road again. Hey, man? Yeah. I confused again. Which line should I take? Again? Yeah, again! Don’t worry, I am here. Can’t you see me? No. Did you take your B12? Not yet. 

About 5 minutes later…

Where are you? I am here. Can’t you see me? No. No! No! I can’t fucking see you! 

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About the Author: Mustafa Menteşoğulları

I am Mustafa Kemal Menteşoğulları from Cyprus and dealing with miscellaneous literature such poetry, short story, essay, etc.

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