I wish I could visit you in heaven

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If only you could come and sit with me for a while

If only we could visit each other every now and then

It’s a long way from here to heaven

I hope your listening when I talk up to the sky

I miss you so much

I just chat with you
like if your by my side

I wish I could hear your laugh again

It truly was one of a kind.

Some day we will meet back up together

And forever shine in the sky

Not just my cousin but my brother and best friend.

My tears will keep shedding

Until we meet again

Dedicated to my cousin whom I miss so much, life hasn’t been the same since he left. I feel lonely without him. I feel lost a little bit.

I wrote this for the one’s we pretend to talk too when we are alone.

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Marcy Martinez

About the Author: Marcy Martinez

Marcy Martinez is an Instagram poet who started in Oct 2019. She wants to fulfill a dream of becoming a published author in many book genres. Her life is in her poetry.


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