Stronger with each storm

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The world keeps trying
To break me down
I keep standing feet planted to the ground
After all I’ve been through
My roots have grown deep
Down into this concrete
Every problem is like lifting weights
I get stronger with each rep
Im a beast this world can’t defeat
Im stomping like Im the hulk
In the midst of this craziness
I come in and take control
Like I’m an X-men
Just call me Miss. Storm
Enemies be trying to kill my soul
Taking swift hits trying to K.O
But it ain’t that easy
My strength is mighty

I’ve become a Master of surviving

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Marcy Martinez

About the Author: Marcy Martinez

Marcy Martinez is an Instagram poet who started in Oct 2019. She wants to fulfill a dream of becoming a published author in many book genres. Her life is in her poetry.

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