I promised to write to you, about him

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I promised to write to you about him,

So here I am.

You have the mind, body and soul of a goddess, you are the very essence of a god

Let not his words, kisses and caresses compose your worth,

He prides himself in snatching cradles, this emotional sloth

He comes to your safe haven,

with an urge heavy laden

Cums into you, a passionate lake

Then comes out with a piece of you,

Never gives, only takes.

Trip after trip your faith in love wavers,

Morphing into faith in a man who places your worth in a string of others

Playing oh hail Solomon, but he is no King

He can never be king

Because a King has a Queen, a lover, a friend; their union an end unto itself

But all he has are means to his end, slaves to his insatiable urges, savors of his temporal surges,

Satisfaction is what a King has

and darling, you will never be enough.

And lest you judge me not, that I judge you

I have sewn not a scarlet letter and shipped it to your door,

I have written to you

It has taken this kindred spirit to know one like yours, my love,

Do not let him come to you again with his urge heavy laden,

Do not let him cum inside you, though a passionate lake

For he will come out with what is left of you,

He never gives, only takes

Send him on his way, and with your stance do not be mild,

For you will save yourself from being with child,

Then maybe he will not raise his hand,

and with denial and accusations of betrayal so wild,

beat you to your child’s end

Do not let him come out with more parts of you,

Nor yourself feel as hollow, when he pumps life right out of you.

You deserve to be filled, watered and replenished

Not flooded with angry passion until you are famished.

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