My Grandmother | A Blazon Poem

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My Grandmother | A Blazon Poem by Ritika Nahata
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My Grandmother

The warmth in the touch of her hand isn’t less
than that of the touch of winters’ sun-rays
I wake up, see the ways in which God bless,
the smile on her face like whole world’s in blaze

Despite all things that she has seen and been
Her heart’s light as feather, holds no baggage
Inspires, like with sunrise the day begin
For troubles, like lioness she’s savage

There lies a heaven in her hug’s embrace
Her constant upbraid as she makes my braids
Her nine-yard drape, epitome of grace
Each day she ages as the autumn fades

Whom should I thank? her, my luck, or the God?
For because I have her, my life is awed.

Blazon/Blason Poem

A Renaissance genre characterized by a short catalog-style description, often of the female body.

This type of poem makes extensive use of metaphors and similes to describe the person (and often their beauty).

Rules For Writing a Blazon

  • There isn’t any specific rule for writing a blazon.
  • There is extensive use of metaphors to describe the beauty of a person (often a woman).

In This Poem

  • This poem is a sonnet with an exact 10-syllable each line.
  • There is a use of metaphor to describe the beauty of her touch, her embrace, her heart, her style, etc.
  • There is a rhyming scheme of A-B-A-B in the first 3 stanzas.
  • The last stanza is a rhyming couplet.


Write a Blazon for the woman you love the most.

Read about more poetic forms and devices. And to read more famous poems by the finest writers ever, click here.

My Grandmother | A Blazon Poem by Ritika Nahata
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  1. As I was reading your poem, I could see a wonderful woman, who made your world and you rich in the most important side of life: she gave you pure, warm love. And maybe, I enjoyed the most as you placed her in perspective of seasons, as you compared her to Mother Nature… Great! 🌹❤️👌🤩😊

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