My Reflection| A Byr a Thoddaid Poem

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My Reflection | A Byr a Thoddaid Poem by Ritika Nahata at UpDivine
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My Reflection – The Poem

Ever looked at mirror and thought
That, right now I look just so hot?
Isn’t it beauty, the way on my face’s
surface my spirit eye.

No, never really happens to me
I do not think m’ugly
I know I look nice, there’s no doubt
I am confident and no cloud

But in mirror it isn’t ‘me-now’
it takes a bit for light to plow
Since mirror will never show the ‘me now’
I’d never see how’m ‘now’.

Byr a Thoddaid Poems

Byr a Thoddaid is a stanzaic form, written in any number of quatrains made up of two couplets, the cyhydedd fer and a Toddaid byr (a shortened version of Toddaid). Often a poem is made up of a series of cyhydedd fer couplets, adding the toddaid byr to the stanza which gives texture to the poem with a break in the rhythm.

Rules for Byr a Thoddaid Poems

1.The byr a thoddaid is a quatrain (4-line stanza) or series of quatrains.
2.The quatrain itself is divided into two combined couplets (2-line stanza).
3.One couplet contains 8 syllables for each line with an aa end rhyme.
4.The other couplet contains 10 syllables in the first line and 6 syllables in the second.
5.The 10-syllable line of this other couplet has an end rhyme near the end of the line (but not at the end).
6.The 6-syllable line of this other couplet has a link (either rhyme, alliteration, etc.) to the end word of the 10-syllable line and then an end rhyme.
7.The couplets can appear in alternating orders.

Rhyming Scheme

One may choose from amongst any of these schemes.

In This Poem

  • In the first and third stanza, the first couplet is 8-syllable and the second couplet is 10 and 6 syllables long.
  • The order of couplets is reversed in the second stanza.
  • The speaker want’s to say that she can never look at the mirror and admire her looks right now, as she never sees her current reflection in the mirror. It takes some fraction of seconds for light to travel. So what she sees ‘right-now’ is her some fractions of seconds ago.

To read more poetic styles, click here.

My Reflection | A Byr a Thoddaid Poem by Ritika Nahata at UpDivine
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