This Time Shall Pass | A Chant Poem

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This time shall pass | A Chant poem by Ritika Nahata at UpDivine
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This Time Shall Pass – The Poem

As kid at primary school,
Getting ranks and grades was cool.
My mom’s dishes made me drool.
All the way it was my rule.

I was warned by elder class
That this time shall pass

Collge, I’d say was more like jail,
Unlike school, wasn’t fairytale,
Competetion to leave a trail,
Not one friend to come’n bail.

But, was told by elder class
That this time shall pass

Beautiful day when we met,
Nothing I wanted to get,
But like life took ride on jet,
Easy for’em to forget

I could do nothing, Alas!
Hope this time shall pass.

The day my business collapsed,
Was broke but still unshattered,
Lost a lot, but didn’t mattered,
Coz still, there were skills gathered.

No direction no compass,
But this time shall pass.

Everytime I lost someone
Felt everything in me burn
Heart loaded so many tonne
Like to me, God had just shun

Will I get over this loss?
God! This time shall pass.

Aged, suffering with illness 
Packed pain, agony’n, sickness
Energy, I can’t harness!
There’s all chillness and stilness

Waiting for the time, atlast
When this time shall pass…

What are chant poems?

Chant poems are poems that make use of refrains. In Chant poems, there are repetitive lines that form a sort of a chant. There can be one or more than one line, word, or phrase that can be repeated.

What about the poem, ‘This Time Shall Pass’?

  • This poem has the title (this time shall pass) which is used as a refrain and is repeated after each stanza.
  • Each line in the quatrain stanzas has seven syllables.
  • Each line of the couplet stanza is seven and five-syllable respectively.
  • The end-rhyme scheme of each quatrain stanza is A-A-A-A.
  • The end-rhyme scheme of each couplet stanza is A-A.

This time shall pass | A Chant poem by Ritika Nahata at UpDivine
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  1. Your poem leads through the reader’s eyes from the first row to the last one easily. I was reading it with joy. Its rhythm and rhyme make the poem tuneful. Great! 👌🤩😊 (And I saw surprised that I used to write similar poems, sometimes. Not entirely the same, a bit altering variation.)

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