Who We Are?

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When you hear the word ugly what do you think?
what makes a person or someone so special
be called ugly?

a world so cold mixes up thoughts of us so wrong
telling us we are not beautiful
but what does it mean to be beautiful?
to stand right
to dress tight
maybe show some skin and you be all right

all we women want is to be free
for the world to see that
we are beautiful and free
sometimes we look in a mirror in our heads
it cracks,breaks and falls

to a point of not looking at all but what I
see is different from what you believe?
behind a mask I see a women
so sad and heartbroken as a sunflower seed
tried of not being able to use Snapchat because she’s
of what they may say

I be crying and screaming why me?
hateful comments makes us up and leave
how many times have we criticize our looks?
our thighs
our legs
our bodies
every detail makes
us feel hopeless and unfocus

in words of approval not removal
comb hair here
brush there
eliminate stretch marks that appear where
don’t be short or too tall
a word I call “unfair”
words always have a hard
affect when toss at someone

words they do stick forever
it should be a crime to
lash out words that hurts so bad?
if we just take a look
we are all specs of flowing
dust on a wide universe
we should never feel the
need to worry so much
on how we look
we are all beautiful

too beautiful we should not let
comments or trends
define who we truly are cause who we are is


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Ashanti Law

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