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Giants of gas and dust
met each other by coincidence
moving stealthily across
took eternal to close enough
their will apart grew weaker
collapsing under unforgiving pressure
a new star born from its womb
begins to shine among countless of its own

Millions of miles away distant
lies a pulsing sphere obedient
a planet somewhere in space
once dead and cold place
sees the light of this star
voilent cycles of upheaval kicks off

After endurance for countless times
the planet has something to boast about
new life is ready to sprout
barren lands begins to count
once ugly and cursed
now seems beautiful and blessed

Billions of years have passed
The planet has changed a lot
Civilizations visited and gone
footsteps made and undone
but the star continued its shine

Now though old and weary
its fuel exhausted capacity
its hey days are gone
and death begins to hover around
First its core collapsing under gravity
then outer layers expand to infinity
as distance losses meaning
the planet is in close proximity

Engulfing everything in its path
the planet is staring to its death
no hiding from its furious flames
it is charring in brutal scenes
nothing escapes from its clutch
it’s all over in an instant

How the time turns full circle
like hands of clock completing revolution
the creator becomes the slayer
dissolving everyone in its layers
all lives are a thing of past
everything became like once it was
gas and dust returned to space
the giants moved again in universe.

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