An Old Man

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An old man though quite young
had deep wrinkles that cut skin
Eyes that had seen everything
His Cruel fate so unforgiving,

Wandered around to make a living
Worthless scraps he was carrying
Another day gone with empty palm
Another day tried to break his calm,

Scars all over of penury and pain
Looked like a life spent invain
Had a family, a wife and son
Brought a smile always on his chin,

Fluke shined on a bright day
A mysterious crystal got on his way
With powers to dissolve all misery
To shower upon wealth and prosperity,

His fortunes turned upside down
Empty palms flooded with coin
And all things that money can buy
Was easy to reach, was just beside,

But greed knew no bound
Wealth slowly corrupted mind
Suppressed desire spread like fire
Burning innocence in its ire
True emotions nolonger to be found
Cunning maneuvers were all around,

The old man stared at past
his smile somewhere lost
Knew things that you can try
few things money cannot buy
Voices arose almost like a choir
He tossed the crystal in air.

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