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As I was walking along a garden
lost in my worldly thoughts
I saw a captivating flower
got smitten by its looks

I paused for a moment
could see nothing like its own
its beauty marvelous
wild urges emerged unknown
I tried to reach there
to know how it feels to own
I finally got what I desired
until its beauty mellowed
It was mine now but
somehow can’t comprehend
it seemed just like the others
and I felt withdrawn

Dismayed with this incident
I moved ahead in bemusement
walking along my house’s pavement
my eyes caught a bird’s movement
it was precious just as I heard in tales
It had the colors of rainbow
as was told in folklore
a yearning desire subtly closed my eyes
and my earlier dismay lost in memories

It was elusive and difficult to tame
I had my maneuvers and deceptions to lure
in my pursuit lost sense of all directions
what’s right or wrong I couldn’t answer
I was moving onto unfamiliar places
so far from knowns & acquaintances
alone as it was full of strangers
dismayed as they too were searching for something or the others

I wondered why people come this far
till they forget who they are
in the quest for success or whatever
will ever they’ll be content thereafter
these thoughts reverberated to the core
and I lost my interest in the bird of folklore.

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About the Author: Rahul Kumar


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