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The other day was absolutely fine
blue sky was full of sunshine
everything was as usual around
all creatures absorbed with their time

It started with gusts of wind
tearing trees as if no roots beneath them
then the rain came suddenly unannounced
started pouring heavily all around
soon I could see everything submerge
all can listen to the thud of deluge

The fierce water recognized no one
all suffered to its fury with trepidation
nothing left to loose what was gained
all became equal as once they came

All hopes started to decay
the destruction seemed beyond capacity
loss and grief was in everyone’s mind
everyone was running all around

The next day I woke up
with same heavy thought
things built gone overnight
still stricken with my sorrow and anguish
my eyes fell on other creatures
seeing them absorbed again with their time
I was surprised to find them get along
nothing felt unusual with their routine
they carried on as if it all never happened.

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