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Hey Buddy, long time no see

glad we met on this day

but something you are hiding

something you are wearing

Is it the same that others are carrying

Have you also started deceiving?


Gone are days of being self

yields nothing reveals only weakness

better to hide in dark

better to wear a typical mask

always keep floating on the truth

no one will grasp your true self


You were genuine since beginning

with real gestures and true feelings

what happened during midway

when did things started to go awry


It’s going on for quite some time

can’t remember how it began

some accessory accumulated with time

some knowledge gained from my wisdom

learned it from seeing others

you can no longer recognize myself


How long this lacquer will last

one day it’s gonna wear off

your deceiving will take a hit

other’s will know your true self

come out and take it off

how long you will deceive yourself

in the end its just an accessory

made by you to mask temporary

you were different filled with integrity

inside you I can still see my old buddy.


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About the Author: Rahul Kumar


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