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Beginning to loose sanity

while morbid thoughts

implode my mind

all life passes before me

as I am afraid of next dawn,


The precious time ticking

draining like grains of sand

the dark night relentless

moving like blades on my skin,


I paused suddenly

to contemplate my deeds

to think of the victim

to feel its ordeal

how I became the monster

that engulfed poor soul

why her cries I didn’t hear

that will haunt till the end,


While passing now

these thoughts abate my fear

the gallows wait me

as my end is drawing near.

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About the Author: Rahul Kumar


  1. I read this poem first, it was shocking for me since, you painted sharply and exactly the condemned person’s last onrush of feelings. I pondered whether how can you know it so correctly… Excellent poem and at the same time, frightening…

    1. Thanks Cassandra, your words means a lot.
      The poem is just a reflection of my thoughts if death is staring right away. Death is so much fascinating subject that one would have different opinions at different times.

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