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How long you will crawl
one day I will overcome
may be sudden or a long trail
your fate has it more I can’t tell
all your accumulations will deteriorate
in front of you while you decay
your deeds will tell your tales
you will not be here to defend yourself
so leave this world a better place
for your loved ones and for distants

You wish me in your extreme
look terrified as I consume
trapped in your mundane rush
you often forget your mortal sense
that you’re just bones and flesh
assembled here like everyone else
Inevitably erased without any remains

Puzzled as you are
often wonder who you are
in your last moments
you reveal me your real self
either a deciever veiled in promise
or a sufferer without any voice
either a regret that can’t be mended
or a pending penance left unattended
either a truth waiting to be told
or a heavy lie deep in your heart
either wishes you buried along the way
or your dreams that didn’t saw light of the day
either a friendship gone bitter
or a relation you never cared
either a means of painful punishment
or a sweet pill of your final redemption

In last moments that we spent
sometimes I get happier sometimes regret
in a way I know you more than anyone else.

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