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As the evening descended
I walked through darkness
following a flickering flame ahead
a shaman in an eerie place
was busy with his tricks,

I entered with nervous furrows
panic dripping like sweat
a whisper barely left my lips
to ask for some help

Freezed with his imminent spell
he summoned me to a will
ordered to drink that potion liquid
which will clear my head

Helpless still bound by his charm
I couldn’t refuse thus sipped
with blurry vision and fading hold
was losing consciousness

At first felt like a dream
watching my past in reverse
to see glimpses of the future
and how all connects

Hands which were holding then
disappeared one by one
and trust which was full to brim
emptied till its bottom

Mountains which I was seeing then
were deep like an ocean
and climb which I was thinking then
was part of descend

Penance which I escaped then
were paid in full sentence
and sins in which I had part
were met to form full circle

I opened my eyes
saw Shaman’s body
devoid of life
took some time to realize
what did I just saw and what it signifies

It lighted me
I was the chosen one
as no mortal can know the unknown
and now needs sacrifice to redeem
determined, I glanced at the empty throne
and decided to make it my own
to be the new Shaman
and wait for the next chosen.

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