The Descent Into Darkness

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Once a girl with plenty of hope,
Fell down a deep slope.
The hope she once had,
Now engulfed in darkness sorrow and grief.
She fell into something even more deep

All positivity now vanished,
Happiness and joy had now been banished.
Darkness resided in the deepest parts of her brain,
She had had enough; she could no longer bear the blame.

She begged for help from passers-by,
But scarcely one could hear her cry.
Just when she thought one would stop,
Their wording made her hopes drop,
Deeper and deeper, until it stopped

At last came a friend,
Sympathy, ’twas called.
It helped her up, up from her fall.

Once a girl with hope,
Was now a girl who could no longer cope.
Sympathy revived her positive traits,
All of them in exchange for a word of her pains.
Soon had sympathy cured her completely.
But all her pains,
Had left deep stains.

Sympathy, now bitter, lured her friend,
To a cliff, with a fall that would never end
And so, she pushed her, deep, deep into the trench.

“Why, Sympathy, O why?”
Was her friend’s strangled cry.

When Sympathy was very sure she had died,
She left, no ounce of grief residing inside.
The girl’s story had repeated itself,
Past gone, present here, and on future, who would dwell?

Once a girl with plenty of hope,
She had fallen down a deep, deep slope.

“O Sympathy, O friend!” she cried
“How do you ignore my useless tries?”
She clawed the walls, tills she couldn’t, cause of pain.
But just like last time, no one came to her aid

Once a girl with plenty of hope,
Was now a young mortal with no ability to cope.

Sympathy had abandoned her,
Backstabbing, ‘twas called,
She looked for a way to escape darkness’ deadly claws.

Years had passed before someone came,
A new friend to ease her pain

“Come hither, young one!” Numbness cried,
“I have two decisions, both which you have tried”

She listened, the only thing she had now left were her thoughts.

Her mind twisted and turned from all the pains,
Manipulations got hold of her mental reigns.

A few more years of life wasted; yet to complete,
She let darkness sneak past her mental beam
Into her mind it seeped,
killing her while she was asleep.

And so her story ended,
A story full of pain, misery,
A story yet to complete.

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Sarah Damia

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Sarah Andrea Damia, aka Sarah Khan Child Poet Life Poems, Sad Poems, Vents

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