You say today i will listen

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You say today i will listen,
Your daily complaints,
Today i will away,
Hold your hand,
Feel your pain,
You say today i will listen,
Daily office,
Took time off work,
To spend a full day with you,
Has promised himself;

Yes your falling tears,
Get your loneliness
away today,
You say today i will listen,
For many years you,
Work for me everyday,
From my little napkin in the morning,
Till my night pillow,
Everyday more than me,
Take care,
You sit for me for you
Will work.

Say you will listen today,
Your old picture too,
Go to see you,
And on your way,
Pungent crisp sphere
Eat with you too,
Will be shopping for you too,
And smile on your face,
Will bring you again today,
In the evening as before,
Take a long drive,
I feel you more than you,
You say, I will listen.

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About the Author: Shikha Singh ' pragya '

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