Love Has Taken Over

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lost and alone
I was content
not searching for any soul
to mess with my tings dem

an only child
use to my comfortable silence
life lessons had helped me find that

jelousy a disease that is imbedded within most
femme fatales
who dont know
until their knees touch their ears literally fallen head over heals

Unwilling to compromise
my freedoms
yet so alone
id given up trying to find an empresss to my throne
There were so many exterior divine
superficial suitors
who were
mere queens
worthy of mere kings
far from suitable for an emperor
such as I an I

so I told myself

time progressing
sowing royal odes
fast lanes
began to slow
youth began growing old
mindset shifting with time
until one fine day
I was blinded by sun rays
Deep within the light
My empress lay
so fine
sublime entity designed from the heavens to be mine

Love had taken over me

ready and ripe for the lion
I still green
for i had been
focusing energies
on mastering the scene
and this fly image
i had manifested
patiently she
waided through superficial seas
making it passed
barren shores
right to the core
creating lush greens
foliage vividly dense with emotions never seen
by a soul like me
i succumbed to the hues
colours which revealed
the darkness i had been embedded in
and finally recognized
in its most potent form
quelling my inner storm
that had caused such turmoil
for decades before

Love had taken over me

smitten by so much more than the kitten
although the sphinx is quite inviting
the mentality is what truly is igniting
emotions from the core
never known before
exploring every section of my phyce
enticing me
to inhale lifes spledour deeply
exhaling such a wondrous serendipity
never fathomed my dreams
would become a reality
filled with this

Love has taken over


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