Breast Cancer Won’t Win

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Today as I watched many marching in the streets wearing pink with pride

Honoring the strength of their warriors, many of whom had died

It was difficult for me to keep the tears at bay, and so I cried

Not tears of loss but of joy because you have survived


I remember like it was yesterday, when you received the terrible news

How for a while you were shocked, numb, in disbelief and mostly confused

It was as if a war was coming, a war unprovoked, a war you did not choose

A battle you had to get ready for, a fight you could not lose


And so you joined the many warriors, on the battle field fighting against breast cancer

The Non- profits, doctors, scientist, philanthropist, who are all searching for answers

I watched you wield your sword of will to live against the enemy who is nothing but a monster

You fought valiantly, ignoring the voice that you were tired and can fight no longer- you were stronger


You were stronger, even on days when you had lost your hair, had no appetite and positivity was a challenge to sustain

Even when you had lost both breasts as the cancer continued to invade and attack, leaving you in unbearable pain

Yet you refused to lose the fight against breast cancer in tribute to the falling soldiers who did not have a chance to remain


You were strong, and so today I join the march, the fight against the enemy who bring fear in its name

Today, I join the fight in spreading awareness through sharing of credible information and education

To enlighten women about the importance of regular mammograms to increase the chances of early detection

I join the fight to encourage everyone to empower themselves with knowledge and not to be afraid to ask questions

 Because together we fight against breast cancer as a community that supports, we fight together as one


On this beautiful day in October as I watched many marching in the streets wearing pink

Marching as fighters and behalf of fallen warriors with the message to never give up or give in

I feel hopeful that with advanced technology, one day we will beat this thing

So even when we lose some battles, the fight will go on because Breast Cancer won’t win.

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