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See I don’t want a luh..luh…..love like Common had never seen.
Nor one like Shihan’s thinking of you thinking of me thinking of you kind of love.
The sun came and set on Maya and I am still a long way from home.
Because I refuse to walk anymore till the mist is gone.
I don’t want to learn how to love, I want love that learns who I am.
I need a love that needs me for longer than I have needed it.
I don’t write this with a bowed head of a proud African man.
I don’t even try to rhyme because this love will force a rhythm.
No, I don’t want a love that makes me Koo Koo.
Because I want my mind to be fully alive as she purrs and I coo coo.
I don’t have to count the stanzas.
Because we are not prosing just proposing.
This is not a poem, it’s just a mind blowing theme.
I am not the Lion King, my dad’s not Mufasa.

I just decided to slow down as was tired of moving faster.
And there will be no love to feel tonight.
When I spread my arms this time don’t be confused.
My heart will go on but this is no Titanic.
See I want a love that one language cannot explain.
Because I don’t feel in one culture nor express myself in one way.
I need that kind of love drug that makes you almost see sounds.
You can harness the power of music and recreate a moment to each aspect.
That kind of love that makes the past ten minutes a nostalgic event.
Makes you want to go back and this is no throw back.
You want to live in the present love but you still want to see what it looks like in future.
Do the emotions overlap and become a melee of heart beat skips?
Or do they become parallel comrades that see each other but never ever meet?
This typing is just us talking, I am not having a monologue

I am asking you this because you said you have fallen in love.
You hold my hand and want to stay in the moment.
But you see, I am a different kind of person, weird even.
I believe in being unique and making you part of this life of words.
I want you to be that one song I never get tired of and never want to turn down.
You are the painting that looks its best because of being incomplete.
The knots I feel in my stomach are the ones I want to tie.
We will then add colour to the life we create but we won’t dye.
I will add you to my favourite humour, honour and endeavours.
I need you to be smart enough to see what I did there.
But see the most important fact is that I need to be smart enough to get you.
I need to dress smart enough to impress you.
See, making you happy is not a goal.
It is a constant life choice of which instead of kicking away I will hold onto.
I am not writing this from my thoughts.

Each morpheme here is a heartbeat and I am yet to run out of breathe.
We are writing in what we have painted.
We are strumming a future lullaby on the ukulele.
This was not meant to rhyme but I will be with you milele.
My dreams are not sick, no they are valid.
In fact they are not dreams just future realities.
I traverse this life as a child of the world.
I am a writer, a dancer, a singer, that’s why my brow is never unfurled.
I’m a thinker, a doer and in the dance of love I will have you twirled.
You can be my last word, my last note, my last dance step.
Because each day, we write a different plot, a new song, you are my new choreographer.
Every moment we are together is Kodak for the sun has become our photographer.
The moon is the shrink who listens in on our conversations.
You have become my new priest for this love confession.
Living while loving you are interchangeable but still my new profession.

When we soar above, we smile with the stars and admire our progression.
When I put down the last word on this note, it will not be the end.
Because as you teach me how to spell love, we will create a trend.
My mind is a maze that I’m lost in but have you as my compass.
My mind may amaze but I choose to reside in the heart of this lass.
I get lost in your eyes and find you in the brown dunes of that teary desert.
Words are an illusion, promises are a farce so I can only prove my love if I never desert.
My words are never ending.
Our thoughts are ever blending.
You, I’m ever defending.
And as we hold hearts and start ascending.
The earthly definition of love, we are transcending.

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  1. What grabbed me the most beyond unique poem and thought, “My mind is a maze that I’m lost in but have you as my compass”. I had at once the association of Theseus and riadne with her thread or clew. Good poem.

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