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It wraps me into a thick
Cloak of affinity
More it prick
whenever it passes
through my veins, but all falls in latinity!

You know
I just finished my only cigarette
but this smoke of ciggy still numb my toe,
building more and more clouds of threat
around me.

Then i walked around the road
which squeezed more aromas to load
in me, giving constant reminder
of something you lent those roads to grind.

At the very instant, i felt my heart beat
throbbing underneath my heart’s sheet
Oh! i am crossing Sandwich store
that aroma of ‘Tuna’, with letters counting four
shaking my beats more
because you poured
something of yours even into this four lettered, which floored
the ‘I’ in me.

I opened a door
by waging a little war,
inbetween the coins and a key
the battle spree
ended, and i get the key.

(Oh! i am standing right in front of Our flat, sorry My flat.)

Flat Number Twenty Eight
Yesss! where you with your ‘Latte’ used to wait,
the only coffee you taught to my memory,
is fading as if i was in reverie!

Through all the years
we lived together
i was hell bent to make our love bloom, but
you were cleverly filling the things
around me, from the ‘Blanket’ to the
‘Bru’, with your ring of aromas!!

Oh! please take your Shield of Achilles, made from your aromas
to shield me anymore!

Come on! let’s just stop
the pandemonium of aromas,
clinging hard with each other.
But here, bidding adieu with a last thanks to you
for gifting me Rhymes, syllables,
metaphors, similes
to fill the aromas
of my sweet sonnets and poetries!!!

(I hope it would make me feel better.)

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