Galactic Vivid Blaster Wars

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A long, long time ago in a vivid, vivid galaxy…

After leaving the faint planet Morag, a group of Togruta fly toward a distant speck. The speck gradually resolves into a Sheer, space Senate.

Civil war strikes the galaxy, which is ruled by Feku Lal Karela, a coldest Raccoon capable of Child Kidnapping and even Soul extortion.

Terrified, a feverish Orcs known as Ramlal Papeeta flees the Empire, with his protector, Kalawati Khajoor.

They head for Coruscant on the planet Alderaan. When they finally arrive, a fight breaks out. Khajoor uses her vivid blaster to defend Ramlal.

Khajoor and Orcs Ramlal decide it’s time to leave Alderaan and steal a shuttle to shoot their way out.

They encounter a tribe of Zatoan. Khajoor is attacked and the Orcs is captured by the Zatoan and taken back to Coruscant.

Khajoor must fight to save Orcs Ramlal but when she accidentally unearths a frail macrons, the entire future of the vivid, faint galaxy is at stake.

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