Sunny eyes.

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“So, you won the bet. What do I have to do?”

“Well… I have this bucket list I want help with.” She waited expectedly.

“Okay. I’ll help, what’s your first?”

“Um.. I want to see the first rays of the sun.” She beamed.

“The sun? It’s always there. There is nothing special in it. Besides, what is the point, you are..”

“Blind. I know. But I can still feel the sun on my skin and it is special to people who can’t see like you okay?” “Alright.” I let out a breath. “I’ll help you.” And that’s how it dawned on me.

I took her on my scooter while the day was still dark. I stopped right at the edge of Princess Street and we leaned on the scooter, facing the trees and waited. She said nothing but her face had it all. The anticipation, the patience, the excited smile, the subtle way in which she absorbed all of her surroundings, waiting for her sun.

Then slowly, the sun creeped on us, through the branches and leaves, a suspense of time. She rose as if on cue and took a few steps forwards, squinting towards the light. Her eyes were searching.

Suddenly, the sun bestowed all its glory and she stood there, illuminated, eyes open, towards the ground, and I felt, for the first time in a long time,


I got closer, saw her touch the heat on her face and smile. “How is it? Explain it to me” she said.

I took a deep breath.”it’s trying to impress you actually.” I was met with a giggle. “It looks like a golden bird, spreading its wings, reaching far and wide, touching the tips of the trees, reflecting off the lips of your face. It’s helping the world change colour. Everything looks new. Everything looks like liquid gold..even the streets…” I stare at her intently. Her eyes were overwhelmed by the sun. I don’t know what she saw, but through her eyes, I saw the world in a new way. The only light in my dark dark world stood under the sun and I, wanted to live in her shadows forever.

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Sidra Shafique

About the Author: Sidra Shafique

A psychology undergraduate student who Loves the beach,is inspired by nature and humans.Paints her pain,writes her heart and reads to feed the soul. An eclectic mess above all.


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