Greatest pain

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  Ever just want to feel wanted? To be able to  love someone with more than just your body but every part of your mind? To have someone that you can’t help but stare at until you know every last one of their moles or dimples?

   Ever wanted to feel like you’re safe purely because you’re in a person’s arms? To spend countless autumn evenings wrapped in duvets knowing that the cold will pass with the warmth of innocent kisses? To wake up in the morning with the sound of a heartbeat ticking against your ear and smile at the one you love before the day has had time to Strike?

   Is it so bad to want to love and look after someone? To feel stillness in their arms and comfort in their smiles? To feel time stop so that every last second in their company can be cherished?

  •    You wouldn’t understand unless you’ve endured loving someone so much that the feeling encompasses you every time they so much as smile or blink or breathe… And you can’t help but ask whether love itself is the greatest pain…
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