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We allow ourselves to be engulfed by vulnerability. A dangerous state of fragility that is encountered every time we are embraced by new arms or we laugh a real laugh or cry real tears. We accept that we have no power over the four words that would destroy us – knowing that they could hurt us but trusting that they won’t. 

Still, there’s a pleasant fear behind the unfamiliarity of new love. Tearing away the carefully constructed safety net to reveal the childish naivety that craves security within the arms of a stranger. Being cradled until powerlessness is less excruciating than silence. Until their arms lay by their side ready to catch you and you can still feel the warmth of their body against yours. No longer a barrier between love and vulnerability or an attempt to deny the thrill of new passion.

No longer isolated strangers politely smiling at each-other on the street, But lovers,

sharing delicate kisses over duvet folds and dinner plates… 

Strangers exchange glances 

whilst Lovers exchange impressions

Imprinted as faithful reminders 

That strangers can become lovers and lovers can become unknown. 

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Lyrica Wilsdon

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