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You don’t know yourself until you’ve loved someone else. Until you’ve seen a part of yourself in another person that you’d been blind to before. Until their pain is your pain and their smile is your happiness, only then can you understand yourself. Once you realise that you’re capable of such raw emotion and you allow yourself pure vulnerability in their arms, only then can you understand emotion. When you look into their eyes and see a future that warmly embraces you or when every song begins to have meaning, only then can you understand love. Love is looking at someone and feeling inspired, love is looking at your dimples as we laugh and feeling utterly captivated. You make me understand why I cry at the notebook and smile at old couples on the street. You make vulnerability comforting and being alone unbearable. No one knows love until they understand themselves and the intricate framework of repressed emotions. 

You give me a reason to write, you give me the strength to pick up a pen, whilst before I was too scared of what I’d find unmasked. 

because of you, 

I understand. 

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