I’ll Be Your Hope

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I give up, I can do this no longer

You must continue to fight

What’s the point if nothing ever changes

Change doesn’t happen overnight

I can’t keep waiting for the future

There’ll be no future if you give up now

Leave me alone, stop arguing just bow

If I surrender we lose all hope

Enough, I cannot cope

I am here, you are not alone

You believe I can atone?

I believe anything is possible

You make it sound less horrible

I’m not strong enough, I’ll lose for sure

You are stronger than you know, you can endure

I’m surrounded by darkness, and full of fright

There’s no need to fear the dark, i’ll be your light

I’ll stay forever in your heart

I have your hope and that’s a start

I want to run and hide, for this journey will be tough

but I’ll give it a try and hope that it is enough.

-Abi San

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