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You stand there looking above me
As though I were a bug beneath your feet
What makes you so superior?
Your wealth? Your grace?
You can dress up in silk and lace
But deep down we are the same
It is simply the world’s view that causes the change.

So no I will not bow to you
The world sees you superior but I don’t share that view
You’re nothing but a puppet, and if only you knew
Who pulls the strings, you’d think yourself inferior too.

So you are not above me for I bear no strings
I cut them away
And now only the scars remain
You think your better, well think again
You never had the courage to make that change
To be the person who can stand up and say
“I belong only to me, and those who masquerade
Will kneel at my feet, cause I am their queen, a renegade
And one day all puppets will face my blade.”
-Abi San

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