The Beauty Before Me

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When you stand in front of your mirror think not what you can change
But instead of all the others who do the same
And realise that you believe them to be beautiful regardless of how broken
Regardless of the cruel words told in the light
And the hateful whispers they tell themselves at night
And think instead that if you can find beauty in those you’ve never known
Then perhaps you can find it in the body that has kept you safe
In the lungs that take breath even when you feel you are drowning
And you heart that keeps on beating even when broken
It is not your body that needs change, but your mind
Because your mind will alway fail you,
It is the one believing all the harsh things
The one who listens to all the people who tell you your body is wrong
When in reality your body is as it should be, yours.

Next time you look in the mirror look upon yourself as if it were a lover
And think of all the things that you would never change
Of each freckle that builds a constellation on your skin
And the endless vortex of your eyes
And lastly think of the smile that lights up a room
And of all the people who will never see it
Because they chose instead to see your hurt
When they could have seen your heart.
-Abi San

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