The Betrayal

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When the pushed me away
For the words I didn’t say
For being born this way
You said we’re not family from this day
Yet you’re the one who feels betrayed
When it’s you who turned your back on your promise
You said you’d love me no matter what
How could I betray?
I never pretended to be anything I’m not
Now I’m alone
In one day I lost my home
My family, all that I had
No more mum, no more dad
I had no choice in who I am
But this fight you choose where you stand
I alway thought you stand by my side
Now when I need you most you ‘ve gone to hide
If we’re playing hide and seek
Maybe you’ll find your decency
Find your reason, your kind words
Cause I’m the same as before
I’m not the one who’s changed.
-Abi San

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