Chivalry Is D.E.A.D.

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Said or nor for surely pure does date relate for more

Early late for time’s allure, seat unshaken from floor

For fourth thoughts or actions ponder passions generally passed

Country clash to class, criminal how envy enters dash

Brash in being above ceilings and seeking better breathing

Conversing with wisdom teaming, teasing a grand releasing

Weaving obstacles observed counting calories curved

Words unwritten when exposition envision the nerved

Nor addiction additions yet positions do listen

Whether forward response respect or prospect is worth tuition

Wave the grave as grace is braved, bare or be saved

Amazed where once tradition was craved is now disloyal slaved

Maze of meaning each hope is healing in dealing with mistreating

If leaning is lost to loathe, thou’s reaching with fingers bleeding

Before the shores see no core or nominate rich poor

This roar rewinds to first four… demonstrate efficient awareness decor.

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Alan C Hall II

About the Author: Alan C Hall II

@alanchallzzz #hallzzz . Artist + Designer + Musician/Producer + Poet . Shōgun | Austin, TX .

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