Apart Humiliation From

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To so many you’ve related
All about me you have hated

Mocking compositions wise
Choosing genius to despise

Started out talking that way
Out of nothing but hearsay

Coming from the lips of those
For their aggrandizement chose

Make a never ending search
All my acts with dirt besmirch

Not because on me dirt fitted
But because to friends committed

In a less illumined day,
Gaining pity in that way

This much, understandable —
Yet found yourself incapable

Even when all evidence
Should have brought you to good sense

To anywise alter your own
Words to people you have known

Pursuing a continuance
Of policy both dark and dense

Leaving justice all unknown
For some reason of your own

Think you I don’t see or feel
Judgments you make to seem real

Fully justifiable
As ’twere undeniable

Others think completely true
After having trusted you?

Your underhand has gotten so
Its overhand it doesn’t know

If you’ve grown, (somehow I doubt it)
You should do something about it!

Till I see in people’s eyes
Reflection of other than lies

Detailing my abysmal dirth
Of aught approximating worth,

And that energy abate,
I’ll send blessings, and I’ll wait,

Apart humiliation from,
Till your world friendlier become

The poet/editor of this website is physically disabled, and lives at a fraction of her nation’s poverty level. Contributions may be made at:https://www.gofundme.com/are-you-a-patron-of-the-arts

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