Awesome Reader Family Update: Mist and Mystification

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Wildfires continue to rage here in California, gobbling up countless old growth trees, and killing and displacing thousands — but this afternoon shifting winds left the skies over the poet’s head (and, more significantly, her solar panel) sufficiently clear to energize a little online conducting of personal and professional business — and to make this post!

Our forecast here calls for clouds and mist for all or of every day over the coming week — and of course, there’s the wild card of that hovering smoke. We’ll be posting as we can!

So much for the “Mist.”

Now for the “Mystification”…

This poet recently made a post, “Congratulate Me,” which drew two unusual comments.

Meant simply to make the observation that poetic anonymity has its peaceful compensations, when the first mention of “slang” came through she reviewed its three stanzas for a clue, and then offered a humorous return and let it go.

Then a second comment came, also using the word “slang,” but this time in the context of religious denigration.

If there’s one thing this poet is, it’s pan-religious. She figures that if you are indeed seeking the divine you are on the right path. The last thing she’s ever intend to do is to put down someone — anyone — else’s image of the Great Unknowable — much less in slang

So — help me out here if you can, Awesome Readers of mine —

I’m going to reprint the three stanzas in question here. If anybody else knows which words provoked ill feeling and why, would you be good enough to enlighten one mystified poet, so that she may edit them out for the good of everyone?

Many thanks.

Here’s the piece in question:


Congratulate Me

Will I live peaceful? Congratulate me!
Cream does not actually rise to top
On great worth of worthlessness we agree
But throw the present worthy ragged sop

Denied full recognition — not because
Than any* poet less deserving be
Or any way forsaken have the cause —
I bow to inevitability

Prepare for pleasures now retirement of
A little writing for a special few
Time meditation for, and time for love
Nor care the rude herd minister unto


Okay — we’ll be checking in — to read, “like,” comment and post — as and when the sun allows us to do so.

Patience, dear Family, and we will get through these present turnings of fortune as we have so many others in this past three years, all pulling for one another, together.

Mwa. Mwa, mwa, mwa

The poet/editor of this website is physically disabled, and lives at a fraction of her nation’s poverty level. Contributions may be made at:

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