Disaster Averted

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I meditated, centered, grounded, prayed
And did my readings (earnest seer be)
As to which words or actions might be made
To end this fracas harmoniously

Should I communicate, and in what way?
What mood, what manner, which direction go?
Which magic truths, and to whom those truths say?
What ‘tis each participant ought to know?

To settle rather than to escalate,
What’s needed — show of calm or show of strength?
Who best appeal to, harmony create
Lasting a greater rather than a lesser length?

How loose the forces of that casual
Laughter by which healthy family
Downplays the ego of which one be full,
The others helped by, balance so to see?

Perhaps I have succeeded to prevent
The situation happening again —
Yet overtrusting would be not what’s meant
Consolidate anticipated change

Not closed am I to future healing, and
Th’advancing progress of maturity
But, at the very least, this short term for,
I must for more betrayal ready be

The poet/editor of this website is physically disabled, and lives at a fraction of her nation’s poverty level. Contributions may be made at:https://www.gofundme.com/are-you-a-patron-of-the-arts

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